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What is Political Communication?

What is communication?This is a kind of social interaction, communication between individuals and groups of individuals through verbal and non-verbal means. However, when it comes to some separate areas of people's existence and interaction, some clarification appears in this definition. So, let's consider the concept of political communication and its main features. To date, this sphere of human existence is developing very rapidly, more and more new qualities and evaluation criteria are appearing in it.

Political communication stimulates the interaction of political interests, thus making the political process meaningful. Thanks to it the chain of events is built in a logical chain.

As for the basis that lies at the centertheory of this type of communication, it is based on the teachings of two scientific schools: structural and functional analysis and the cybernetic approach. Political communication from the scientific point of view began to be considered during the First World War, when propaganda was first investigated. The very same term and theoretical works devoted to this topic appeared in the late 1940s. By this time, there were many historically determined reasons that required the isolation of this term and the consideration of the concept within a separate scientific discipline. Among them are the wave of postwar democratization, the development of cybernetic theory, the active development of communication systems and technologies.

In general, despite the fact that the politicalcommunication today has many definitions, it is characterized as the exchange of information between participants in a political process that takes place during their formal or informal interactions.

Note that each system is characterized byseparate communication network, which corresponds to its capabilities and levels of development. As the researchers note, the development of communication in this area is parallel to the evolutionary processes that are inherent in this area.

It is known that political communicationThe type of culture is influenced. However, this impact can be called mutual, because the former is the means of translation of the second. The fact is that communication reproduces those norms and values ​​that are adopted in a particular society.

We note that its very important aspect isthe semantic part of the relationship of politicians, which are based on the process of information exchange during the struggle for power. At this time, there are three main types of messages:

  1. Awakening (for example, a request or an order).
  2. Bearing only an informative load (information, real or fictitious).
  3. Actual (information that is associated with establishing a contact or supporting it between politicians).

As for the means of communication in politics, theirrole usually performed by organizations or institutions that exist and operate within the framework of social and political systems. Thanks to them, information is exchanged. To date, communication processes and situations, as well as groups and individuals, that help information exchange, are also among them.

Political communication has three main ways of implementation:

  1. Mass media (versions of printed publications and electronic media).
  2. Communicating through organizations, if in the role of an intermediate link between the rulers and ruled are political parties or interest groups.
  3. Communication through informal channels, which become accessible only through personal connections.
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