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Chinese cold weapons guan dao: description, characteristics, history and interesting facts

Guan Tao is an ancient Chinese coldweapons. In translation, the name means "Guy's sword", the famous commander of the 3rd century AD. According to the chronicles, it appeared in this century, but most scientists tend to be invented later.


Weapons of guan dao, whose history bearssemi-legendary character, is mentioned in the Chinese chronicles of the military art of the 9-18 centuries. According to ancient legends, it was the sword of the famous commander of the Three Kingdoms of Guan-Yu, who is extremely popular in China. It is known that he personally took part in many battles and, due to his skill, skill, courage, invariably gained victories. It is believed that in battles he used his famous pole weapon, which was later named after him.

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Other versions

The history of guan dao, the sword of Guanya, in spite of itsA semi-legendary character, perhaps, reflects the truth. However, the first detailed description of weapons dates back to the 11th century. In one of the Chinese encyclopedias, dating from this century, there is a characteristic of the sword. Historical science also does not currently have archaeological data on the existence of a sword in the 3rd century, although this can only mean that in that distant era the dao was not widely spread in the country. Therefore, most scholars tend to attribute the appearance of the legendary sword to the middle of the first millennium AD.

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Guan Tao is a wide, curved blade,planted on a long pole. In length it can reach 2 meters, its weight varies from 4 to 8 kilograms. The appearance of the upper part of the weapon resembles a crescent moon, so at first it was called "sword green dragon, closing the moon". In fact, the coupler is worn out in the form of a dragon's head, which, as it were, swallows it. According to another version, the name comes from the fact that originally it was engraved on the drawing of the dragon, which had a symbolic meaning. Guan Tao consists of a wide curved blade, which has a sharpening and protrusion on the shoe. Its width can reach sixteen centimeters. The slopes of the blade are straight with sharp sharpening, and the edges have a wavy form. The blade is mounted on the shaft with the help of a shank, the length of which is one-third of its length. In addition, a special metal clutch is attached to the edge, which performs several functions: it makes the connection more durable, promotes a uniform distribution of loads, and also serves as a rivet for rivets.

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Guan Tao is different from other polearmsin that it has a guard in the form of a circle or a polyhedron. Another characteristic feature is the tip on the shaft, which is used as a combat weapon. The sword had an original internal design. So, the blade consisted of three layers: the first one was cast from hard metal, which formed the main blade and the edge. At the edges of the blade consisted of a softer metal, which was easily amenable to forging and alteration to cleanse from foreign impurities and uniform distribution of carbon. Chinese masters in the first stage of work first hardened the main blade, and then released the side sections, which made the gun more durable and stable than during normal hardening.


The history of guan dao is several centuries old.This weapon was very powerful and effective in combat, and the ability to own it was a real art. The fact is that it weighed quite a lot, and in order to learn how to manage it, it took a lot of training. The main method of using it in combat is to inflict heavy piercing and chopping hits on the vertical. Technique of striking horizontally appeared only at the end of the 18th century, when weapons were used individually. It was also used by infantry to break through the construction of spearmen. In this respect, Chinese soldiers, armed with a sword, resembled European landsknechts. Garda allowed using the sword as a cutting and stabbing weapon.

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Chinese gun guao dao combined inthe functions of the sword, the spear, the pole and the hook, which made the warrior using him almost invulnerable. It is known that even Chinese masters themselves could not invent armor that would protect against its terrible blows. Sword warriors struck the wrists, face, neck, knees, as well as in the joints. The cutting edge of the shoe made the weapon particularly dangerous, in addition, one must not forget that even the shaft was used for combat, since it was equipped with a pointed tip. The rider with his help could simultaneously hit several opponents right at the race.

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Training and dissemination

Illustrated encyclopedia of the 18th century describes,as a candidate for warriors was to demonstrate his ability to master the sword and martial arts. The exam included a series of exercises with dao, bow and dumbbells. At the same time, the sword was weighted to 40 kilograms. At present, these weapons are used in the Wushu technique. The appearance of it has undergone some changes: under the blade is often fastened a brush or a bundle of red ribbons, often under the blade there are rings. Nowadays, weapons are used in Chinese martial arts and in wrestling.

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Interesting Facts

To them it is possible to carry, for example, that circumstance,that guan dao was known not only at home, but also in other countries. So, it was used in Korea, Vietnam and even distant Japan. Some experts suggest that the design of the sword formed the basis of naginata and bisento. And in fact, the last type of weapon also has a shaft, on which a curved blade with a long blade is planted.

In addition, guan dao was used until the 20th century, as can be seen from photographs, while in European countries halberds and glefs ceased to exist in the 17th century.


The reason for this popularity, perhaps, isin that the commander of Guang-Yu is extremely popular in China. In this country, his figure is surrounded by a religious halo: temples have been erected in his honor, the statue of the commander is an indispensable attribute. At all he is depicted with this sword. But most importantly, this weapon proved to be extremely effective for combat. Against him, the enemy almost could not resist, especially if it was used by cavalry and infantry. But also in individual application the sword also made its possessor practically invulnerable. And although preparation for possession of them took quite a long time, it justified itself. And it was not in vain in the early twentieth century that soldiers were sometimes armed. This sword is still dangerous because, in addition to striking, he could capture enemy weapons.

In conclusion, it should be said that halberds in generalextremely common in China. They have many names and variants, but guan dao is perhaps the most popular of them, because it combines several functions at once: it successfully defends the warrior and at the same time is ideally suited for attack and attack, in addition, it can be used to neutralize enemy. According to its purpose, the sword is universal: practice shows that it was successfully used in individual combat, in infantry and in cavalry. So, understanding of what the Guan Tao, the significance of which is so great in Chinese history, is impossible without considering the characteristics of the culture and mentality of the people.

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