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What is naivete: innate simplicity or stupidity of the soul?

If before such a touching character trait,as naivety, was highly valued in people, but now, in a world full of cruelty and cynicism, it becomes almost a global problem for its owner. People who look at the world through "rose-colored glasses" regularly become victims of scammers, often remain abandoned and deceived in their best feelings. And all because they believe others as themselves, naively believing that the world consists only of good people. So what is naivety, is it considered an advantage to possess this quality and is it possible to get rid of it?

Naivety is not a vice?

Naivety (from Latin nativus and frants.naif - innate) - the desire originally inherent in nature qualities (naturalness, openness, childish immediacy) to refute the subsequent ability to pretend. From this definition it follows that in the rapid pace of modern life and growing cynicism, people began to wear masks, suppressing simplicity, sincerity and adopting the rules of cruel reality, where one can not be trusted except for oneself. People forgot that such naivete, and began to mock and deceive those who managed to preserve the purity of the soul.

What is naivete

The reason for the naivete of a person can behis cloudless and carefree life, when he does not need to defend himself from the outside world or fight with him. Such a person is not familiar with the rules of life and she does not need to lie, hiding her true nature. It's bad or good - it's up to you.

And stupidity is naivety?

Many people believe that naivety can beexplain the lack of intelligence. This is a misconception. Naivety is caused more by a lack of life experience than intellect. People who possess this quality are trusting, unselfish, good-natured and look at the world a little from a different angle, but one can not say with full certainty that they are stupid. There is also the concept of "stupid naivete". Stupidly naive people are sometimes very difficult in this world. They sincerely believe others, not for a moment not thinking about the fact that they can be deceived. Stupid naivety is dangerous because it defies any life lessons, does not obey experience, it is stubborn and, regrettably, lifelong.

Love and naivety

A widespread form of simplicityis a woman's naivete. Opening their mouths, women are ready to listen for hours to the stories of a loved one, forgiving all their resentments and treason. And no soul can convince them otherwise. They are firm and stubborn in their faith.

Women's naivete

However, such naivety is not innate, and from itit's easy to get rid of, if you burn badly in a relationship. Here it is worth mentioning the expression "love is blind." Love gives us a sense of naivety, and together with the departed feelings we remove the "rose-colored glasses". So there is no clear boundary between desperate love and naivety.

How to get rid of "pink glasses"

Is it possible and how to get rid of naivety?From naivety there is no specific medicine, but if you understand that it prevents you from living, giving certain inconveniences - this is the first and important step to combat the simplicity of the soul. Remember that naivete is the desire to leave, to fence yourself off from reality, the desire to see it not as it is.

  • Recollect and analyze those situations in which you are badly affected by your openness, and what this turned out for you.
  • Think about how you can change your behavior, and try to be more solid and cautious in the future.
    How to get rid of naivete
  • Carefully look at others andtry to see in them potential scoundrels and scammers. This does not mean that you need to become over-suspicious, like an agent for combating crime, but vigilance and mindfulness in reasonable limits have not harmed anyone yet.
  • Clearly define for yourself what is naivety, and think carefully about whether you need this quality and why.
  • Do not open yourself to unfamiliar people, trusting only trusted friends and acquaintances.
  • Control your spiritual impulses, approach everything thoughtfully and with a sober head.

Following these tips, you will be able to get rid ofsimplicity and openness of the soul. However, suddenly opened reality can have a stunning look: cruel and unsightly. Therefore, before removing the "rose-colored glasses", think about whether you really want to see the world as it is?

So what is naivety:a conscious desire to hide from reality or the stupidity of the soul? The question is rhetorical. And each of us can answer it in his own way, in accordance with the subjective worldview.

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