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What does the halo of the nipple tell us?

In many countries of Europe and America, sexualeducation of young people pay much attention at the state level. From an early age, schools offer optional classes in human anatomy, gender differences in boys and girls, human physiology, pregnancy, the birth of a new life, and other topics.

We often see a completely differentpicture. These topics are often bypassed. There were cases when in the senior classes when studying the human anatomy it was the turn to paragraphs about the differences and signs of male and female sex, the teacher asked to read these pages at home, explaining nothing and not discussing these topics in class.

Such an approach to these issues is fundamentally wrong. Young people should not enter the adult life morally unprepared.

The first sign of pregnancy

The current young generation is rapidly growing up, ona large stream of cognitive information collapsed, but despite this, a very large number of young girls go to abortion operations. In polyclinics, you can see when the mother leads the schoolgirl to an abortion - spreads her hands and wondered how it could have happened to her child. She does not know that most of the blame lies on her: she did not tell the child about the means of contraception, did not teach them how to use it - this topic is taboo for many parents.

coarse nipple

Not all pregnancies so sadly end, now many have begun to understand that conception and the subsequent birth of a child is the Gift of God, but everything has its time.

Therefore, each beginning to live sexuallya woman, even quite young, should know not only about the means of contraception, but also about the signs of pregnancy, especially it is necessary to pay great attention to the breast during pregnancy and in the subsequent feeding of the child.

Appearance of the breast

Usually on a proportionally folded chest halothe nipple is of a small size. One of the signs of pregnancy, when the halo begins to stretch and increase in size. Not only are the halos of the nipples enlarged during pregnancy, but also the breast itself.

The mammary gland, since the first dayspregnancy, undergoes the first changes - it becomes painful, dense, the increased sensitivity of the nipples. Breast, they say in the common people, is poured - this increases blood circulation, and the milk ducts begin to increase.

The halo of the nipple darkens and can become simpleBrown color. It's getting darker than just the nipple, pigmentation is subject to a strip in the center of the abdomen, some women have a face, arms, shoulders. All this is individual and not all manifest. It's not scary, after birth, everything comes back to normal.

For some future mothers who have a halothe nipple quickly begins to increase in size, for several weeks at times, the skin of the nipples also stretches, which leads to painful sensations and itching in the nipple area. In most women during pregnancy, the nipples itch.

halos of the nipples during pregnancy
All changes in the breast are preparation forfeeding. Usually no preparation is specifically needed, but there are cases when the halo of the nipple is tight and does not stretch. In this case, you need to stimulate the nipples (if there is no threat of miscarriage), alternately pulling them and massaging the thumb and forefinger.

Large halo of the nipple

There are women who have a big halo of the nipplerelated to pregnancy is a gift from Mother Nature. He, like a hat, covers most of the breast, and women, of course, do not like it, but there's nothing to be done about it, except that surgical intervention will help. But it's hardly worth dwelling on it!

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