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Jordan Parrish: A Brief History of the Character

Jordan Parrish (actor Ryan Kelly) for the first timeappears in season 3 "Wolf." He works for the Bacon Hills police and is a reliable assistant to the sheriff of Stilinski. In season 5 of the series it turns out that he is Cerberus.

Jordan Parrish actor

A bit about the actor

In the series, the role of Jordan Parrish is performed by the actorRyan Kelly. Ryan was born on August 31, 1986 in the suburbs of Chicago. In his family there were 14 children, the boy was the fifth child. His acting debut took place in 1995 in the movie "Roommates", and the first appearance on television was in the series "Tomorrow Will Come Today." During his career, Brian had quite a few notable roles, one of which (in the movie "Cruel Stream") brought him a special award of "Independent Spirit".

Life before Bacon Hills

Jordan Parrish served in the army and constantly haddealing with bombs and explosives. When in Afghanistan he neutralized an improvised explosive device, there was an explosion that was supposed to kill him. However, Parrish left the fire unscathed, only with charred clothes.

After a while, Jordan moved to BaconHills. Due to the high mortality rate, several vacancies were opened in the law enforcement agencies, and he settled down as an assistant to the sheriff. Numerous events in a short time helped Jordan to approach Sheriff Stelinsky. Now the latter trusts him and always asks for help in everything that concerns the supernatural.

Jordan Parrish

Seasons 3 through 5

Jordan Parrish comes to Bacon Hills as a new assistant to the sheriff of Stelinsky and finds himself embroiled in dangerous intricate games.

Parrish is on the Death List, where his value is estimated at $ 5 million. He turns out to be an unknown creature with orange eyes, possessing incredible power and fearless to fire.

When the Terrible doctors appear, Jordan Parrish begins to attribute the corpses of the victims of their terrible experiences to the magical tree of Nemethon.

After finding out that he is Cerberus, Jonathan wonders if he is a good person.

Season 6

The main antagonist in this season is the Phantom Horseman.

Heroes think that Cerberus can be the key tothe capture of the Phantom Horseman, but everything is not going as planned. Jordan turns into Cerberus, the flame absorbs his body, his eyes light up orange. The rider shoots at Parrish, the color of the flame around him is replaced by green, and he again turns into a man.

Parrish agrees to help the pack to talk to the Ghost Rider. Plans change when he somehow forces Parrish to reincarnate in Cerberus and escapes, breaking the barrier from the ashes of mountain ash.

Using the strength of the rider, Garrett Douglas(The Humanoid on which experiments were put Terrible doctors) wakes Parrish, but his eyes glow in green instead of the usual orange. He forces Parrish to open the passage to the station.

Coming to the senses, Jordan learns that although the train can not be stopped, it can be redirected. Later he returns to the station together with the sheriff of Stelinsky and all the rest.

Near the school a fiery battle flares up, in which Jonathan Parrish loses.

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