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Actor Vladimir Borisov: biography, private life

Vladimir Borisov is a wonderful Russianactor with a capital letter. This People's Artist and laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation not only played in the theater, but is known for his roles in the cinema. More about his biography, filmography and personal life, we'll talk about in this article.

vladimir borisov

Brief information about the noble surname of the actor and his relatives

Vladimir was born on March 3, 1948 in Moscow.His family belonged to the most ancient family. In the past, representatives of the old name were talented traders, financiers, engineers. All these people are mainly working and intellectual specialties, but not creative professions. But only very distant relatives had a certain acting experience. However, they worked as amateurs, not professionals.

Work, study and service in the army

When the boy was 16 years old, he had toLooking for a job. This happened, because the family of the future actor had financial difficulties. The first work experience allowed him to grow up early and feel the taste of independent life. But since Vladimir Borisov could not study according to the standard schedule because of his work, he was forced to attend evening school. Then he was drafted into the army, where he also managed to work in the armored academy.

Vladimir Borisov actor

Acting education

Во времена своей молодости будущий народный the actor loved cinema, appreciated the work of the actors and even tried to look like some of them. When Vladimir was 22 years old, he decided to try his luck and submitted documents to the Higher Theater School. Shchepkina.

By chance, he managed to do it.He was enrolled in the course of the People's Artist of the USSR M.I. Tsareva. According to his teachers, Vladimir Borisov had everything necessary to become a real popular favorite: talent, charisma, perseverance and luck.

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The first roles of the People's Artist

The end of the theatrical school opened foryoung and promising actor all the doors. The first role of young talent was the image of Seven Savelyev from the popular at all times multi-series film "Eternal Call", created with the participation of the creative tandem Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky.

How did Vladimir assess his first stage experienceBorisov? Actor, in his own words, at first was very worried and even worried that he would forget the text. But everything went well, and the first role in the movie was followed by the second, third and fourth ... His career went up the hill.

Then the actor began to offer the main roles. As the main character in action, he starred in Emelian Pugachev. Then there were the films "Bread, gold, revolver" and "At the end of summer".

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The work of an artist in the theater

In parallel with filming Vladimir Borisov(photo can be seen below), he worked in the Kuibyshev Drama Theater. There, during the first year of his work, he successfully played the role of Timosha Nepryakhin in the play "The Golden Carriage" by L. Leonov.

This role earned the artist the title of laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. Later, Vladimir got two more landmark roles: the Tsar and the Lefty, who secured the glory of the national favorite for the artist.

Even later, his role greatly expanded andwas added. In the treasury of his creative achievements, many genres, roles and repertoires were added. That is why it can not be said that Vladimir Borisov is an actor who works in a narrow stage. On the contrary, he likes to experiment and often agrees both to light comedy and to complex dramatic roles. He is also attracted to participation in musicals and modern productions. Among the artist's works, the following theatrical performances can be singled out:

  • "The Golden Carriage" LM Leonov under the direction of PL. Monastic;
  • "The Inspector General" NVGogol;
  • "King, Queen, Jack" V.V. Nabokov under the direction of V. Gvozdikov;
  • "Give me the moonlight" O. Danilova;
  • "The nest of wood grouse" V.S. Rozov;
  • "Dachniki" M. Gorky and others.

vladimirov boris son

Vladimir Borisov (deaf blogger): namesake and namesake

In addition to relatives with the name Borisova in Russia, there are other well-known personalities bearing the same name. And some of them are holders of the name Vladimir.

The most striking example is Vladimir Borisov(deaf), a famous Russian blogger who transmits messages to viewers and fans of his work through gestures. Most often, a deaf-dumb inhabitant of Peter, also known as "Mr.Vlabor", leaves his video on the official page "VKontakte", on his personal site called "We are Watching the World" and the resource "The World of Videos for Undead".

Who else is the actor confused with?

Often the actor Borisov is confused with Boris Vladimirov. He, too, is an honored artist who acted in Soviet times in the theater and cinema, and also performed on the stage.

Boris Vladimirov was born (his biography will bedescribed below) on the International Women's Day in 1932. From birth, he wore a different surname and in narrow circles was known as Syromyatnikov. Later, he decided to replace it, took the mother's maiden name and became known as Vladimirov Boris (the son was very offended by his father). Immediately after school, he enrolled in GITIS, where he successfully mastered directorial mastery. A little later he was invited to the variety theater "Komsomolsky patrol", where he first practiced, and then remained in the leadership position.

In 1958, Vladimirov invented an image of himselfopposite, but very colorful old woman with a "crackling senile voice," which he named Avdotya Nikitichna. Then in this image, which brought him enormous popularity, he began to perform in a duet with Veronica Mavrikivna Mesozoic - the lady of aristocratic appearance, played by Vadim Tonkov.

Boris Vladimir biography

В апреле 1988 года Борис Павлович скоропостижно died. He was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow. His son Michael continued the acting dynasty. Currently, he is one of the artists of the main staff of the Moscow Academic Theater and is a filmmaker. Among the films with his participation are the following:

  • "DMB" (in 2000, played the senior sergeant Lavrov);
  • the TV series "Brigade" (in 2001 he played the criminal record from the OPA "Beka");
  • "Kamenskaya 2" (in 2002, played by Shorinov);
  • "Taxi driver";
  • "The Spanish voyage of Stepanich" (in 2006 he played a speculator Semyon);
  • "Take Tarantine" (in 2005, played assistant Mikola-Ashtrays) and others.

The personal life of actor Borisov

Let's return to the main character of the article - VladimirBorisov. Despite the fact that the actor was a very busy personality, he found time for his personal life. At the moment his legal wife is Nina, who works in one of the travel agencies of Russia.

In a joint marriage, the couple had a son,which they named in honor of the head of the family Vladimir. He did not follow in the footsteps of his father. He graduated from the State Regional University. Nano, who is in Samara and received a diploma in economics.

владимир борисов Personal life

What does the actor do in his spare time?

Если у актера возникает свободная минутка, он entirely given to the family. According to Vladimir Borisov himself, whose personal life is not advertised, he tries to put his wife and son in the car and go out with them outside the city. The actor does not like noisy companies, but appreciates the true friendship and goodness in people. He likes to fish on the beach and ski from the slopes.

About the artist's awards

During his acting career, Vladimir BorisovHe was repeatedly awarded with various prizes, received honorary titles and awards. In 1996 he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the second degree. In 1997, he won the Samara Theatrical Muse Prize. And in 1999, Borisov was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

He was also awarded a memorial sign,received from the hands of the governor of the Samara region in 2008. In 2010, the actor won the audience award in the nomination "For loyalty to the Samara audience." His latest achievement was the title of “Actor of Russia” in 2012, which was officially announced during the ongoing festival named after Rybakov.

Now he plays in the Samara Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky, participates in new or already known to many viewers performances and sometimes comes to the shooting of various television projects.

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