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Monument to Nakhimov - a visiting card of Sevastopol, a tribute to his rich history

Perhaps no one will objectthe assertion that Sevastopol is an insanely beautiful and interesting city. And so it is not only the Black Sea and the hot sun that make it. Responsive people and architecture - monuments located in all corners of the city, tell passers-by his story, tell about the years of prosperity and decline, the manifestation of fortitude, strength and courage.

Foundation of the city

Nakhimov Monument
Monuments of Sevastopol can devote a visitor toevents that occurred during the founding of the city, to acquaint with people who participated in this grandiose project. Walking along the street, you can stumble upon a castle or arch, a memorial, a mass grave dedicated to the Crimean War. One of the most famous is the monument to sunken ships, which can be seen from the embankment. It is an artificial island, which is crowned with a column. At the top of the column the eagle nestled.

There are a lot of nominal monuments dedicated tooutstanding people who directed their activities for the benefit of the city. Walking, you can meet with Catherine the Great, General Ushakov, a surgeon and pathophysiologist Pirogov, Lazarev, Kazarsky, Nakhimov.

Admiral Nakhimov

a monument to Nakhimov in Sevastopol
Nakhimov was born in a large family and from the very beginning.Childhood was preparing for military service. At the age of fifteen he received the rank of midshipman and went on a voyage across the Baltic Sea. The service was easy, Paul only connected his life with a military career and was unshakeable in this respect.

From a young age, Nakhimov took part in battles,and competent commanders encouraged the boy to tactics and strategy, having seen in him military talents. When, having received the appointment of Rear Admiral, Nakhimov was ordered to command the Fourth Fleet Division of the Black Sea Fleet, he was filled with pride and impatience.

Ten years after his assumption of officeSevastopol was under attack. And then years of training, exercises and reflections of the city's naval defense were useful. Nine months Nakhimov repulsed the enemy's attacks in the Crimean War, organized forays into the enemy's rear and counter-attacked.

Two years after these events, the admiral waswounded in the temple and died two days later, never regaining consciousness. Half a century later, the townspeople honored his memory, and the monument to Nakhimov in Sevastopol still meets all the guests of the city. He was placed right on the embankment, which also bears the name of the great admiral.

Memory and gratitude

monuments of Sevastopol
A monument to Nakhimov was placed 45 years afterevents of the war, in 1898. The opening was attended not only by sculptors: Alexander Bilderling and Ivan Schroeder - but the emperor Nikolay II himself. That once again speaks about what service the admiral had to the city and the country.

With the advent of Soviet power in 1928, the monumentAdmiral Nakhimov was dismantled, and on the pedestal there is another bronze Lenin, and so in abundance scattered around Sevastopol. Thirty years later, after the death of Stalin, the sculpture was returned, but slightly changed, and the leader was transferred to another place. The artists wanted to preserve the monument in its original form, but some details had to be changed.


monument to Admiral Nakhimov
The monument to Nakhimov is made in full growth.The figure is dressed in a soldier's overcoat, in the right hand is a telescope. As if the admiral had just looked into the sea. Considering that the left hand was laying down on the broadsword, apparently, it did not foreshadow anything good. In the first variant in the left hand was the Ottoman saber as a sign of victory over the Turks in 1853, but then it was replaced for some reason.

Until 1928 the monument to Nakhimov stood facingGrafskaya pier, looking for ships, but after the reconstruction it was deployed at one hundred and eighty degrees. Now the admiral looks at the city and, probably, reflects on what other changes await Sevastopol ahead.

On the pedestal are three high reliefs,capturing the bright moments of the life of Pavel Stepanovich. The monument to Nakhimov in Sevastopol is made of bronze and granite. It occupies almost fourteen meters in height.

Monuments of the Great Patriotic War

Sevastopol Monument to Nakhimov Description
Monuments of Sevastopol as a city-hero can not talk about his defenders during the Second World War. They have a variety of forms:

  • tank T-34;
  • a plane soaring into the sky;
  • anchor from a heroically struggling ship;
  • rifle batteries and reinforcements.

In addition, you can meet a lot of memorials, steles and columns. They always have inscriptions telling about this or that event in the life of the city, about how it influenced its further development.

Monuments to cultural figures

In addition to military operations, the city is famous near the seahis poets, writers, artists and, of course, sculptors. Without this it is impossible to imagine Sevastopol. The monument to Nakhimov, the description of which is necessarily in the guidebook, is only the beginning of the journey through the jungle of history.

From all sides on tourists from the height of theirSuvorov, Vladimir the Great, Pushkin, Miklukho-Maklai, Taras Shevchenko, Saints Cyril and Methodius, Popov and many others look at the situation. These people lived, worked or rested on the shores of the Black Sea, and their contribution to the history of the state is worthy of perpetuation in granite and bronze.

Many sculptures dedicated to Lenin. Not only the leader of the Communist Party, but also the boy Vladimir Ulyanov, who is not even aware of what future is for him.

The monument to Nakhimov is the first thing he seesenthusiastic resting when entering or entering the city. But the main thing is not to stop here, but to look at all or at least the most important sights. This is the beauty of the resort towns and their true charm.

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