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Park "Galileo" in Yekaterinburg - a place of entertainment and miracles

The amusement park "Galileo" offers visitorsattractions that help understand the tricks and physical laws of nature. All objects in the park are interactive, that is, everything can be touched, you can press all the buttons, you can participate in a physical experiment or set in motion some kind of mechanism, you can stroll through the labyrinth of illusions. Every room here is a separate attraction in which people are both spectators and objects of optical illusion. It is necessary to comply with all safety rules when visiting the park "Galileo" and be very careful.

Galileo Park in Yekaterinburg

In the building of the film studio on the first and second floors several theme zones of the amusement park were located.

On the ground floor there is a museum with staticexhibits and devices. Here you can measure the strength of the voice, the length of the arms and legs, solve puzzles, touch, press, rub the artifacts. The exhibition is designed for visitors of any age. The museum is constantly replenished with new exhibits, developed by scientists and magicians.

Galileo Park Yekaterinburg

On the second floor there are attractions:a mirror labyrinth, a tunnel, a room "upside down", a dark room with chains, a room with a feeling of disruption of the force of gravity. The secrets of all attractions are hidden in the laws of gravity and optics.

Attractions and wonders of the park "Galileo"

One of the popular attractions is the "Raznomer", he assesses the possibilities of man. Using, for example, only hands, one can know the growth of a man (the law on the golden section of Da Vinci).

There are attractions where visitors can compete in their abilities, for example, whoever jumps higher or crashes more loudly.

In "Galileo" you can find out how the firstcartoons, right before our eyes there is an animation process. There is also a music corner in the park, only you can play here not on musical instruments, but on the human body. Learn, for example, how ears or nose sound.

There is a room of fear where the walls rotate, the bridgeswaying, not having had time to recover, immediately find yourself directly on the ceiling - this is a room with disturbed gravity, here on the ceiling you can ride a cart.

After a walk on the ceiling follows the darkness, in which the chains hang from the ceiling, hear cries and cries of martyrs and ghosts.

Out of the darkness, a tunnel begins and then a "mirror labyrinth", the exit from which is not easy to find.

Galileo Park of Wonderland

Galileo Park of Wonders in Yekaterinburg is a placerest for the whole family. Here you can fly, grow to huge sizes or decrease to the size of a dwarf, the floor can go from under your feet, suddenly the ceiling will be under your feet, you can easily bend metal bars and lattices or roll down the inclined plane, look for a way out of the giant mirror labyrinth large in Europe).

Through the efforts of magicians, scientists and engineers, a cognitive world of miracles was created, interesting and impressive not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults.

Rules for visiting the park

When visiting the Galileo Park in Yekaterinburg, the following rules and recommendations should be observed:

1. The park is open until 20:00, considering the average walk time is 1 hour, you can enter it before 19:00.

2. Entrance and walk through the Park is allowed only in change shoes or shoe covers, which you can take in the center for free.

3. The outer clothing and bags should be left in the wardrobe, but take all the valuables and documents with you.

4. When walking in the park, it is necessary to comply with all safety instructions, it is signed by all adults or accompanying people at the entrance of the administrator.

5. It is not recommended to visit the park for people with diseases of the heart, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, spine, suffering from seasickness, invalids, pregnant women, patients with epilepsy.

6. It is strictly forbidden to enter the park:

- in narcotic or alcoholic intoxication;

- with drinks, food;

- with animals.

7. It is forbidden to run in the park.

8. It is necessary to hold the handrail and handrail in the places where they are provided.

8. Children under 12 years of age are allowed to visit only accompanied by parents or adults.

9. In the park, video shooting and photography are allowed.

Galileo Park Yekaterinburg prices

Information about the work of the park

Working hours: The park is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00, cash desks are open until 19:00.

Park "Galileo" in Yekaterinburg ticket prices offers the following:

- children under 3 years old - free of charge;

- children from 4 to 16 years old - 300 rubles;

- for adults - 400 rubles;

- Students, pensioners - 300 rubles.

When you re-visit the park "Galileo" (when presenting a ticket of the last visit) - a discount of 50 rubles.

0 reviews Address: city Yekaterinburg, Lenin str., 50 ж.

How to get there

Park "Galileo" in Yekaterinburg is located in the building of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio, in the courtyards of Lenin Street.

Galileo amusement park

From the side of Lenin Street you can get:

- Walk to the street Kuznechnaya and you will see the building of the film studio.

- By tram No. 22, 13, 18, 15, 8, 4 to the stop "Bazhova".

- By shuttle bus number 030, 021, 054, 050 to the stop "Bazhova."

From the "House of Cinema" you can get:

- By bus number 14, 25d, 15, 1, 25u, 64.61 to the stop "House of Cinema".

- By tram No. 20, 25, 32, 21, 4, 3, 6 to the stop "House of Cinema".

- By trolleybus No. 18, 6, 20, 7 to the stop "House of Cinema".

- By metro to the station "Area 1905" and walking approximately 1.5 km.

- By shuttle bus № 067, 077, 04, 070, 039 to the stop "House of Cinema".

The Galileo amusement park in Yekaterinburg is a place of miracles and scientific knowledge, but most importantly, it is a place of unforgettable impressions and emotions.

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