/ / Will the world save beauty? "Beauty will save the world" - who owns this statement?

Will the world save beauty? "Beauty will save the world" - who owns this statement?

"...what is beauty and why do people deify it? Is it a vessel in which there is emptiness, or a fire shimmering in a vessel? "Thus wrote the poet N. Zabolotsky in the poem" Beauty will save the world ". A winged phrase, pronounced in the name, is known to almost everyone. She certainly has repeatedly touched the ears of beautiful women and girls, flying from the lips of the charmed by their beauty of men.

the world will be saved by beauty
This wonderful expression belongs tothe famous Russian writer FM Dostoyevsky. In his novel The Idiot, the writer gives thoughts and arguments about beauty and its essence to his hero - Prince Myshkin. The work does not specify how Myshkin himself says that the world will be saved by beauty. These words belong to him, but they sound indirectly: "True, Prince," asks Myshkin Ippolit, "that the world will be saved by" beauty "? Gentlemen, "he shouted loudly to everyone," the prince says that the world will save beauty! "That other place of the novel during the meeting of the prince with Aglaya tells her, as if warning:" Listen, once and for all, if you start talking about something like the death penalty, or the economic state of Russia, or that "the world will be saved by beauty," then ... of course, I will rejoice and laugh very much, but ... I warn you in advance: do not seem to me then in your eyes! Hear: I'm serious! This time I'm serious! "

How to understand a famous statement about beauty?

"Beauty will save the world."How to understand this statement? This question can be asked to you by a student of any age, regardless of the class in which he is studying. And every parent will answer this question in his own way, absolutely individually. Because beauty is perceived and seen for everyone in a different way.

Beauty will save the world Dostoevsky

Everyone, probably, knows the saying thatyou can look at objects together, and see them completely differently. After reading Dostoevsky's novel inside, a feeling of some obscurity of what is beauty is formed. "Beauty will save the world," Dostoevsky said these words on behalf of the hero as his own understanding of the way to save a busy and frail world. Nevertheless, the author gives the opportunity to answer this question to each reader independently. "Beauty" in the novel appears as an unsolved mystery created by nature, and as a force capable of driving mad. Simplicity of beauty and its refined splendor is seen also by Prince Myshkin, he says that in the world there are many things at every step so beautiful in which their magnificence can be seen even by the most lost person. He asks to look at the child, the dawn, the grass, the loving and looking at you eyes .... Indeed, it is difficult to imagine our modern world without mysterious and sudden natural phenomena, without attracting like a magnet the look of a loved one, without the parents' love for children and children to their parents.

What then is it worth to live and what to draw your strength?

How to imagine the world without this charming beautyevery moment of life? It's just impossible. The existence of mankind is inconceivable without it. Almost every person, engaged in daily work or any other burdensome business, often thought that in the habitual life of vanity, as if inadvertently, almost not noticing, missed something very important, did not have time to notice the beauty of the moments. Yet beauty has a certain divine origin, it expresses the true essence of the Creator, enabling everyone to join Him and be like Him.

will the beauty of the world save

Believers see beauty through communicationthrough prayers with the Lord, through contemplation of the created world and through the perfection of his human essence. Of course, the understanding and vision of beauty by a Christian will differ from the usual notions of people professing another religion. But somewhere between these ideological contradictions there is still that thin thread connecting all into one. In such a divine unity, too, there is a silent beauty of harmony.

Tolstoy about beauty

Beauty will save the world ...Tolstoy Leo Nikolayevich expressed his opinion on this matter in the work "War and Peace". All the phenomena and objects present in the world around us, the writer mentally divides into two main categories: this is the content or form. The division takes place depending on the greater prevalence in nature of objects and phenomena of these elements.

Beauty will save the world of essays

The writer does not give preference to phenomena and peoplewith the presence in them of the main form. Therefore, in his novel, he so distinctly demonstrates a dislike for the higher world with his life rules and rules fixed for life and the absence of sympathy for Helen Bezukhova, which, according to the text of the work, everyone thought was unusually beautiful.

Society and public opinion do not renderno influence on his personal attitude to people and life. The writer looks at the content. This is important for his perception, and this is what awakens interest in his heart. He does not recognize the lack of movement and life in the shell of luxury, but he admires unlimitedly the imperfection of Natasha Rostova and the ugliness of Maria Bolkonskaya. Based on the opinion of the great writer, can we say that the world will be saved by beauty?

Lord Byron on the magnificence of beauty

Beauty will save the world thick
For another famous, true, foreign,writer, Lord Byron, beauty is seen as a pernicious gift. He regards it as an irresistible force, capable of seducing, intoxicating, and committing an atrocity with a man. But this is not so, beauty has a dual nature. And us, people, it is better to notice not its perniciousness and cunning, but a life-giving force that can revitalize our heart, mind and body. After all, in many respects our health and correct perception of the picture of the world develops as a result of our direct mental attitude to things.

And yet, will the beauty save the world?

Our modern world, in which there are manysocial contradictions and heterogeneities ... A world in which there are rich and poor, healthy and sick, happy and unhappy, free and dependent ... And that, in spite of all adversity, the world will be saved by beauty? Maybe you are right. But one must understand the beauty not verbatim, not as an external expression of a bright natural individuality or grooming, but as an opportunity to do beautiful noble deeds, helping these other people, and how to look not at a person, but at his beautiful and rich inner world. Very often in our life we ​​pronounce the words "beauty", "beautiful", or simply "beautiful".

 why beauty will save the world

Beauty as an appraising material of the surrounding world. How to understand: "Beauty will save the world" - what is the meaning of the statement?

All interpretations of the word "beauty", which isthe original source for other words derived from it, give the speaker an unusual ability to assess in a very simple way the phenomena of the world around us, the ability to admire works of literature, art, music; desire to compliment another person. So many pleasant moments, hidden only in one word of seven letters!

Everyone has his own concept of beauty

Certainly, beauty is understood by everyoneindividual in its own way, and each generation has its own criteria for beauty. There is nothing wrong. It has long been known to all that thanks to the contradictions and disputes between people, generations and nations, only truth can be born. People in their nature are absolutely different in terms of attitude and perception of the world. For one, it's nice and beautiful, when he's just neat and fashionably dressed, for another it's hard to fixate oneself only on appearance, he prefers to develop his inner world and raise his intellectual level. Everything that somehow relates to the understanding of beauty, sounds from the lips of everyone, based on his personal perception of the surrounding reality. Romantic and sensual nature is often admired by phenomena and objects created by nature. The freshness of the air after the rain, the autumn leaf, fallen from the branches, the fire of a fire and a clean mountain stream - all this is a beauty that should be constantly enjoyed. For more practical natures, based on objects and phenomena of the material world, beauty can result from, for example, a concluded important transaction or a certain number of construction works. The child will be amazed with beautiful and bright toys, the woman will be delighted with a beautiful jewelry, and the man will see the beauty in new cast disks on his car. It seems one word, but how many concepts, how many different perceptions!

The depth of the simple word "beauty"

Beauty can also be viewed from a deep point of view. "Beauty will save the world" - an essay on this topic can be written by everyone in completely different ways. And opinions about the beauty of life will be a lot.

how to understand beauty will save the world

Some people really believe that the world is holdingon beauty, and others will say: "Beauty will save the world? Who told you such stupidity? "You will answer:" How who? Russian great writer Dostoevsky in his famous literary work "The Idiot!" And to you in return: "Well, maybe then, beauty saved the world, now the main thing is different!" And, perhaps, they will even be told what exactly is for them the main thing. And all - to prove your idea of ​​the beautiful does not make sense. Because you can, see this, and your interlocutor, by virtue of his education, social status, age, sex or other race, never noticed or thought about the presence of beauty in that or other subject or phenomenon.


The world will be saved by beauty, and we, in turn, shouldto be able to save her. The main thing is not to destroy, but to preserve the Creator's beauty of the world, its objects and phenomena. Rejoice in every moment and opportunity to see and feel beautiful as if it were your last moment of life. And then you will not even have a question: "Why beauty will save the world?" The answer will be clear as a matter of course.

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