/ Berlin Cathedral. Sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin Cathedral. Sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and an amazingbeauty is a city with a rich history, which counts for centuries. It is here that there is the Museum Island, which hosts most of the local attractions. And among them is the notorious Berlin cathedral.

Berlin cathedral


First of all I would like to note that hisbuilt as a response to the Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter, which is located, as is known, in Rome. The idea was to make the Berlin Cathedral the largest and most beautiful religious building in the world. To some extent, this goal was achieved. To date, this structure is part of the cultural values ​​of mankind. And if we talk about the building, it can safely be called a real gem of construction and architectural art.

Architectural features

In general, there is an assumption thatProtestant religion is the embodiment of modesty and simplicity. And these principles apply to everything. However, if you look at the sights of Berlin on the map, the first thing that catches your eye is the cathedral. This large-scale splendor seems to destroy all existing ideas about Protestantism. The building looks incredibly impressive and luxurious. The style in which it is built is a pseudo-renaissance. The dome of the cathedral reaches 85 meters in height! Looking at this structure, you involuntarily feel a certain admiration for such a large-scale beauty. Under the dome there is even a playground from where you can admire the panoramic views of the capital. 270 steps must be taken to get to the top. On both sides of the central dome are the chapels. The facade of the building is decorated with various sculptures, columns, arches and stucco. Together, all this creates a grand and majestic spectacle.

sights of Berlin on the map

Inner luxury

Of course, outside the cathedral, or, as it is stillcalled, Berliner Dom, looks impressive. However, inside there is nothing that could "put pressure" on visitors. The building has a very special, light atmosphere. Inside is very spacious, light and beautiful - skilful stained-glass windows, which adorn the walls, and attract views. The characters that are depicted on them seem to be alive. By the way, the author of these stained-glass windows is Anton von Werner. A special attention should be paid to the ancient altar made of marble. It was created in the distant 1850 by Frederic August Stueller. And the sermons are read at the pulpit, which you can safely call a real work of art, because it is unlikely that you can see such a unique and perfect woodcarving. Also inside there is an organ created by William Sauer himself. Its dimensions are amazing, just like the unique style.

Ancient tomb

Speaking about the Berlin Cathedral,to note that it is also a burial vault where about a hundred representatives of the noble Hohenzollern dynasty rest, including Friedrich the First and his wife Sophia. Inside the cathedral there is absolute silence. Visitors involuntarily forget that behind the gate is a noisy street, the sun is shining and people are walking. After visiting this place for a long time there remains an unusual and indescribable sensation of a certain sublimity and spirituality.

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Interesting Facts

It should be noted that the Berlin Cathedral in directsense of the word has never been so. After all, there was no Bishop of the Catholic Church in the capital. Only in 1930, the Catholic Diocese was established in Berlin (the Holy See helped), but at that time the cathedral was already a Protestant church. Also, you should know that in 1945 a bomb hit the dome. However, the building did not even think to demolish - for about half a century it was as if decapitated. Not so long ago, in the 1990s, it was reconstructed, because the cathedral really suffered badly. June 6, 1993 the grand opening was held. And right in front of the building is the Wish Park with a fountain. This place has undergone regular changes, but in 1999 it became as it is today. Many visitors want to visit the Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral itself. The address where this property is located: Am Lustgarten, 10178.

Cultural heritage of Germany

Considering the sights of Berlin onmap, you can not say a few words about other interesting places, which are many. For example, the building of the Reichstag. This place remembers all the victories that the Germans celebrated, all the defeats they lamented, of all prominent leaders and chancellors. And the Berlin Wall, which is a symbol of the unity of the whole country? And the castle Charlottenburg, built in the distant XVII century?

berliner dom

In the capital there is something to see.Here there are not only museums and architectural monuments, but many modern attractions. These include one of the most extravagant museums around the world, which was opened in 1996 - the museum of erotica Beate Uze. Many curious tourists want to get here, and this is provided to them, there is only one restriction - a person must be of legal age.

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