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Kernel kernel: features, useful properties and harm

Cedar - a noble tree, the lifetime of whichis several hundred years. After two or three decades, the tree is able to give cones with nuts. The very name "cedar" entered into Russian from Latin, as it was called by the ancient Romans. Many hundreds of years with the unique properties of pine nuts are also familiar to our ancestors. Evergreen coniferous giants - an object of respect and veneration among the inhabitants of Siberia. Useful properties of nuts are also known for a long time. The core of pine nuts, shells, and oil were successfully used in folk medicine.

Features and composition

Like any product that has a huge range of useful and unique substances, the pine nut is prepared for maturation thoroughly and leisurely. Almost a year and a half is required for complete readiness.

Core of pine nuts
From each cone it is possible to plant up to 150 nuts. One tree can give as a result 15-20 kg. The core of pine nuts serves as a storehouse for all necessary substances for humans.

Two thirds of the mass is a high-quality oil,more than 17% of the composition of the nucleus-easily digested proteins. Pine nuts are processed by the body faster than the egg, and serve as a rich source of protein for people who have switched completely to vegetable food. Proteins contain two dozen amino acids, two thirds of which are indispensable for the body. At the same time, of them, amino acids such as methionine, tryptophan and lysine are considered to be the rarest.

Amber nucleoli are also rich in microelements.Only 100 g of peeled nuts can provide a complete set of elements of periodic table such as copper, zinc, cobalt, potassium, manganese. Contains also sodium, titanium, silver.

Vitamins are represented by a complex of B and E, irreplaceable for the nervous system and mother's milk.

Beneficial features

As already mentioned above, the core of pine nutscontains unique amino acids, many of which are indispensable for humans and are not available in other products. A special place is occupied by arginine. It is necessary for the full and proper development of the child, and therefore is mandatory for pregnant women and children.

The core of pine nuts. Price

People living away from the sea coast,have a constant deficiency of iodine. This leads to serious illnesses, the formation of goiter. The lack of iodine will help to fill a set of iodine compounds contained in the nucleolus. Siberians, actively snapping nuts of cedarwood, avoid this scourge.

B vitamins are necessary for the body tonervous system, for blood. Even young predators in the Siberian forests during the change of teeth eat cedar nuts, instinctively feeling the need for them. Vitamin E is indispensable for nursing mothers. Tocopherols are contained more than in any of the other types of nuts. If they are absent, the formation of milk is disrupted.

Familiar to us fish oil, sold in pharmacies,is necessary for a person, since it contains vitamin D. Fatty amino acids - lanolin and linoleic - are not produced by the body on their own, and everyone should receive them together with products with a rich content of these acids. The most surprising is that in the nucleolus of the nut, the concentration of these fatty acids is three times higher than in the vitamin complex of fish oil.

Pine nut kernel film

Do not clean this product completely. The film of the core of pine nuts includes many sugars, fiber, tannins and amino acids.

Almost like the elixir of immortality

Cedar oil is one of the most expensive andelite. It is great for cooking (dressing for salads, cereals, soups). The oil is high in calories, it is superior in energy efficiency to fats from dairy products and lard. At the same time, it is almost immediately absorbed by the body and exceeds in this respect chicken eggs.

Pine nut kernel oil

Still, the food properties of cedar oil arein the background. First of all, it is unique with its therapeutic properties. It can replace almond and sea buckthorn oils. Cedar nut oil:

  • Reduces fatigue - both mental and physical.
  • Softens various allergic reactions.
  • Has a strengthening effect on the body.

Studies of doctors have proven that cedar oilhas a high efficiency in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum, colds, psoriasis and other problems associated with the skin. This unique complex of biologically active substances and essential oils can become indispensable in the diet of people working under adverse conditions in difficult climatic zones. Vitamins and trace elements, contained in cedar oil, will help with problems with the fragility of hair and nails.

How to get an amber liquid

There are different ways of obtaining oil.The most barbaric way is extraction. Petrol or a similar reactive substance takes the oil out of the feedstock, and then its volatile fumes are completely vaporized. Obtained oil, of course, is not the most useful. Therefore, you should not buy such products from unfamiliar and casual suppliers. Instead of the expected therapeutic effect, you can seriously damage your health.

The most effective way is to coldpressing. All biologically active substances remain in the product obtained. It is also considered the most expensive method by which the core of pine nuts is processed. The price of the final product, obtained by cold pressing, can reach $ 500 per liter.

Get to the point

Long ago, cones lapped and snapped nuts with their teeth. Our ancestors loved cedar nuts. Getting a nucleus of cones with the development of technology today can be an additional source of income.

Processing of pine nuts into the core
Enterprising people can successfully apply their strengths and capabilities in this matter.

The processing of pine nuts into the core israther laborious process. To get to the finished product, you need to go through several stages. Cones are first treated in a special shelling apparatus. This is a very important step, because when peeling, the integrity of the nut can be disturbed, and instead of beautiful nucleoli, an incomprehensible mash will appear at the output. The resulting raw material is passed through the vibratory strips, where all debris is removed.

Pine nut. Getting the kernel
Then, through the sieve system, the fractions are calibrated - the nucleoli are divided in size.

The price of the finished purified product can range from 2500 to 3000 rubles per kilogram.

Split the hard nut of the house

There are simple ways of processing and inhome conditions. One of the wittiest is to use a temperature difference. After hardening nuts, they are lowered into ice liquid, and the shell is opened.

Save beauty without chemistry

Cedar nut oil is successfully used in cosmetology. Women will delight in the elastic skin, smooth and curvy hair.

Problems with acne in teenagers can also be solved by this specific natural elixir. Oil is used for supplements in shampoos, tonics.

What to be careful about

Всегда нужно знать меру.The best medicine in large quantities can become poison. Pine nuts are no exception. First of all, you should avoid buying cleaned nucleoli. Lain for a long time without a shell, they can lose their healing properties from contact with the air. The flesh acquires a rancid taste.

Due to the rich content of trace elements, you need to observe the measure of use. Excess amount of the body, too, to anything. Enough 100 grams per day, the rest will be a strong load for the body.

People who are overweight should not abuse the valuable product, since the core of pine nuts contains a lot of fat. It's still a high-calorie food.

Nature has given our country huge wealth in the form of arrays of taiga. The mighty and noble cedars and fruits that they give are their main ornament.

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