/ What is PACE. Explanation of the abbreviation

What is PACE. Explanation of the abbreviation

Everyone who cares about the world and Europeanpolicy, repeatedly met in print and electronic media these four capital letters - PACE. The decoding of the abbreviation is usually suggested to the reader as the "Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe". This corresponds to reality. But there are some points that need clarification.

From European History

The beginning of this structure should be sought inpost-war Europe. The idea of ​​interstate integration of European countries was declared as early as the beginning of the twentieth century. She appeared on the pages of political journalism as "United States of Europe", but before the practical implementation of her work, it never came. The integration processes became especially urgent in the post-war period of development. It was necessary to take measures to counter possible rehabilitation and revival of Nazism, to ensure the restoration of industry and sustainable development of all countries of the continent. One of the most famous adherents of the ideas of European integration was Winston Churchill. In 1949 the Council of Europe was founded, one of the most important structural components of which was the PACE. Explanation of the abbreviation of the name of this body in English means "Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe". The Russian phonetic transcription of this abbreviation coincides with its English spelling: RACE.

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About the purposes and tasks of the international organization

Areas of activity of many internationalstructures are indicated in their official names. PACE is not an exception to this rule. Deciphering the abbreviation of this name can tell a lot about the goals and tasks that this political organization sets itself. This is an advisory body. It unites the representatives of parliaments of various countries, members of the Council of Europe. It should be understood that this organization does not have a real political power. Its functions include monitoring the situation and monitoring the implementation of domestic and international obligations that the countries have voluntarily assumed when they joined the Council of Europe. What is PACE is well known to all top administrators of international European structures. Without approval of this organization, they would not be able to turn up in their posts. Under the PACE's control, there are elections of judges of the European Court of Human Rights and the development of all international conventions submitted for approval to the Council of Europe.

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How the assembly works

Organization of PACE, abbreviationwhich testifies that this is nothing else than an international assembly of parliamentarians from different countries, performs its functioning in a session mode. National delegations to the assembly are appointed by parliaments of states on the basis of approved quotas. The size of each parliamentary delegation is directly proportional to the population of the country that it represents. In addition to the sessional meetings of the Assembly, a number of standing committees work in its composition. They are responsible for the preparation of the documents under discussion and ensure the continuity of the functioning of the organization.

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The head of the assembly is the Chairman,elected for a one-year term. In practice, there is a situation where presidential powers are extended on a non-alternative basis for three years. In rotation, the chairmanship moves from one political faction to another in a three-year period. In addition to the chairman, the assembly also elects a whole group of his deputies. Their number reaches twenty. What the word "PACE" means, to its listeners and spectators are periodically recalled by the mass media. This happens, as a rule, four times a year, when plenary sessions of the Assembly are opened in the city of Strasbourg. Their work usually lasts for one week.

which means the abbreviation of PASS

Russia and PACE

The Russian State Duma and the Federation Councilare represented in the Parliamentary Assembly by no means from the day of its foundation. The answer to the question about what the PACE abbreviation stands for became relevant to Russian parliamentarians only in 1996, when the Russian Federation received full representation in the Council of Europe and assumed all the obligations corresponding to this status. Since then, Russian parliamentarians, with a delegation of eighteen people, are very pleased to leave four times a year to the old French city of Strasbourg for the next plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. It should be noted that the relations of the Russian Federation with this international organization are not at all smooth. The PACE repeatedly adopted declarative statements condemning Russia's domestic and foreign policies on this or that issue. Suffice it to recall the military actions in Chechnya in the mid-nineties.

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European Court of Human Rights

Not every inhabitant of the Russian Federationcan confidently answer the question of how the PACE deciphers. But the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights is much better known. This legal structure, under the auspices of PACE, for many residents of Russia is the last hope in their striving to achieve justice. Jurisdiction of this court extends to the territory of the Russian Federation. In this international judicial instance a person can apply only after the inward justice has not been achieved.

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