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Mineral tourmaline: effects on a person, photos, properties and price. Products and jewelry from tourmaline

Mineral tourmaline helps clear the mind ofunnecessary thoughts, anxieties and fears, and also concentrate on solving the main tasks. He reveals the creativity of the owner. And decorations with tourmaline have a beneficial effect on the person's well-being, as official medicine says.

mineral tourmaline


It is a mineral that is part of a group of boron-containingaluminosilicates. The composition of the stone is variable and complex. Its varieties include boron, silicon, aluminum, and also elements such as calcium, magnesium, lithium, iron, sodium.

black tourmaline

Mineral tourmaline can boast a richcolor gamut. It can be of different shades, including black, brown. There is also a colorless stone called "achroit." There are different types of this mineral. For example, rubellite - red, dravit - brown, verdelit - green, sibirite - red-violet, indigolite - blue and blue, and sorrel - a black tourmaline. There are minerals, painted at once in several shades. For example, there is a "watermelon" type - tourmaline with a green border and a red heart.

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Physical properties

Brighter than all the game of light and its beauty mineralTourmaline exhibits in sunny natural light, it is not so effective in artificial light. An interesting property of this stone is pleochroism: considering it from different angles, you can see that the shades of the stone are changing. Mineral tourmaline, the photo of which is presented in this article, can be of varying degrees of transparency. In addition, it has a glassy sheen. The stone has a high enough hardness: 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Its density is 3-3.25 g / cm3. In this case, the fracture is uneven, shelly. In nature it happens in the form of crystals, as well as radial-radiant formations, called "tourmaline suns".

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The name of this mineral is derived from the word"Turmali" (a stone that attracts ash). The term reflected its important property - the ability to electrify during friction or heating. In this case, one part of the crystal receives a negative charge, and the other - a positive one. Dutch merchants and sailors who brought this mineral to Europe for the first time actively used this effect. They cleaned with their heated crystals of stone their foam tubes, due to what this stone was called "Aschentser", which translates as "pulling ash". This property of tourmaline is used in air ionizers and medical devices. Large crystals of the mineral are used in radio engineering.

tourmaline mineral properties

Jewelry value

But the jeweler's value of a stone depends on the coloringand on the degree of transparency. Some crystals are ornamental stones, others - semi-precious stones. Emerald green and raspberry tourmaline is the most appreciated.

mineral tourmaline pictures

Mineral properties medicinal

First of all, the sphere of curative influence of a stone is a nervous and endocrine system. But depending on the shade, this mineral has a narrow "specialization".

Blue tourmaline better than all of its counterparts improves the functioning of the endocrine and lymphatic systems, helps to get rid of headache, exacerbates vision.

mineral tourmaline effects on humans

Green mineral tourmaline effects on humanshas somewhat different. It positively affects the kidneys, liver, skin and circulatory system. In addition, the stone has a rejuvenating effect on the body, improves immunity, supports the nervous system. Jewelry from tourmaline is useful for people who need to recover after a strong mental stress, transferred stress.

The blue stone has a good effect on the nervoussystem. In case you are suffering from insomnia, stress, nervous tension, then he can help you. Wear products with this stone - and these problems will become less.

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline serves as an excellent defender,Since it enhances the aura of a person, protecting it from various external negative influences. And lithotherapists call it an excellent means of preventing influenza and ARVI.

Magical properties

Tourmaline is the stone of people who want to develop.The main thing that he gives his master - it reveals his creative abilities, clears the mind and promotes spiritual growth. The mineral will give strength, a sense of security, peace and energy. In addition, increase self-confidence.

decorations with tourmaline

Stone is good for intellectualabilities of his master. Putting on jewelry from tourmaline, you cleanse yourself from various "litter": doubts and anxieties, regrets about the past, obsessive thoughts. This talisman makes you more decisive, purposeful and courageous. At the same time, as a talisman, the stone protects against any negative external influences, including the evil eye.

mineral tourmaline

Есть мнение, что ярче всего магические свойства expressed in red stone. He is a great love talisman. Young people, he brings love success, increases the potency and strengthens sexual energy. Also, the crimson or red mineral tourmaline is a talisman of artists - it gives them creative energy and inspiration. And the pink stone is called the assistant of the lovers, because it instills hope in them in reciprocity and helps to preserve love.

Black tourmaline was once considered a witch stone.Today, he is credited with removing negative energy from the owner, endowing the person with a unique ability to foresee. Blue and blue stones give peace and improve relationships with family members. Green helps to enjoy life, gives harmony and awakens hidden talents.

products from tourmaline

The multicolor tourmaline mineral is incredibly strong. He brings success and happiness, supports his master in love and creativity, filling his life with joy.

It is believed that the stone should be worn with short breaks. If it is worn all the time, the mineral can harm the emotional state of a person, causing him various obsessive thoughts.

Zodiac signs

Tourmaline green shades perfectCapricorn, increasing his dedication and perseverance, clarifying his thoughts, as well as helping to focus attention. Aries and Lions are recommended to wear red stone, Sagittarius - blue. Mineral helps them to succeed, to reveal their talents and abilities.

mineral tourmaline price

Tourmaline is good for those born under the signScales. He calms them, gives harmony. In addition, it helps to build good relationships with others. Dreamy Libra, he clears the mind, directing their strength to achieve success.

But Virgins, this stone should not be chosen as a talisman.

Place of occurrence

Турмалин – это не редкий камень, хотя gem-quality mineral deposits are few. The largest of them are located in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique). Brazilian deposits are famous for the emerald green color of the stone and its very large crystals. In this country, specimens were found up to 1 meter in length. Sri Lanka supplies yellow green and brown minerals. Pink tourmaline is mined in Burma, in Thailand - green. The deposits of this mineral are also known in the United States.

tourmaline mineral properties

In our country, high-quality tourmaline pink and red tones are in Transbaikalia. And in the Urals there are deposits of blue, pink and green stones.

Tourmaline in jewelry

Minerals are often shaped when cut.rectangle due to its narrow and elongated crystalline structure. The crystals of the stone are delicious, sharp-nosed and thin like a pencil. They are used very often as one of the decoration elements. There are designers who even create a tourmaline rainbow in which all the colors of the spectrum are present.

mineral tourmaline pictures

Tourmaline Jewelery

In the East for centuries a stoneused in jewelry. It was extracted along with other minerals from the placers of Sri Lanka, India, Burma. He was also known in Afghanistan. In eastern countries, and then in European countries, where tourmaline appeared by the middle of the eighteenth century, the mineral became incredibly fashionable. Since the XVI century. in Russia it was used to decorate church regalia, as well as utensils. Then its pink and red varieties were often mistaken for rubies.

decorations with tourmaline

For example, the largest stone that adorned the crown of the kings of the Czech Republic, according to an analysis made in 1998, is not a ruby, as previously thought. This is a red tourmaline.

mineral tourmaline

Another famous piece of it isbunch of grapes, which was presented to Gustav III (the Swedish king) Catherine II. Now it is stored in the Diamond Fund. Rare in color and beauty, the stone, taken, probably from Burma, is interestingly cut in the form of a bunch of grapes. Gold leaves with enamel of green color, fixed on a stalk-brad, which is covered with black and white enamel, perfectly contrast with the crimson tone of the mineral.

products from tourmaline

But the crown of Anna Ioannovna, created in 1730, is crowned with a huge red tourmaline (500 carats), which is a stand for a diamond cross.

In the Kremlin Armory there are salariesicons of the sixteenth century, decorated with tourmalines. Panaghia is also kept here. It is a cameo depicting John the Baptist, surrounded by an ornament that is decorated with crimson tourmalines.

Mineral Tourmaline: Price

The cost of stones of different colors is not stable.For example, found in pcs. Minas Gerais (Brazil) of amazingly beautiful rubellites was estimated at $ 100 per carat. In this case, the entire find was worth $ 30 million.

mineral tourmaline price

In the US market, the value of faceted tourmaline fluctuates:

  • $ 50-120 for rubelites weighing 1-3 carats;
  • $ 35-75 for orange-brown stones weighing 1-5 ct .;
  • $ 30-250 for green minerals at 5-10 cents;
  • $ 150-375 for chrome-containing green tourmalines at 2-5 ct .;
  • $ 40-250 for ink-blue indigolite weighing 1-5 ct.
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