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Hidden Unemployment: Let's look at examples

Summaries of the crisis frighten the reader with numbers,describing unemployment in a particular state. It is clear that people who can not find a source of income, constitute a rather serious problem for the economy as a whole. But the real figures should scare us even more, because the statistics do not show us the real picture. And this picture does not please. Yes, and gives grounds not to trust politicians and economists.

Hidden unemployment is a real percentageunemployed population, which is not included in the statistics. One clarification - a person who went to an early retirement (as happens in the West) and a rentier - do not belong to the category of the unemployed. It is also important that a person wants to get a job. This category also includes freelancers who can not find orders for the moment.

This type of unemployment is very difficult for those whois under attack. A lot of people who have education, work experience and relevant skills can not find a job despite the fact that they make maximum efforts. Hidden unemployment is very difficult, especially for those who have debts - loans for study, housing or cars. The situation is difficult for the economy, because such people spend little money, which means that businesses suffer, the economy does not "warm up" and does not grow.

If a special study is not carried out, thenTo reveal the number of really unemployed turns out to be a very difficult matter. Freelance activities are often advertised as independent. In fact, when the economic situation worsens, freelancers suffer in the first place. In an effort to save money, the business gives away less tasks for outsourcing, so it becomes more difficult for a freelancer to get an order. So do not believe that freelance employment is a panacea.

Among the hidden unemployed,Those who are forced to work less hours than they would like. For example, the plant is not doing well. And he appoints a three-day week. Naturally, no one compensates the workers for forced "freedom." And this is not the worst case, there is an alternative - to force the employee to go on unpaid leave. It is quite difficult to legally protect yourself in this situation.

Also, from official statistics people are eluding,who do not declare the status of the unemployed. In some states, for example, in Belarus, there is almost no point in labeling yourself unemployed if you are applying for skilled work. The fact is that the allowance is not enough even for a travel card to reach the place of compulsory work for those who are on the books. The only meaning in declaring the status is the desire to change the line of activity and get a new profession. But for women their choice is small, so hidden unemployment among Belarusians is especially great.

A separate question is whether people should be considered busy,who are engaged in traditional crafts, for example, fishing or hunting, the manufacture of ethnic products for tourists? Approaches can be different, respectively, such people are considered or not considered to be hidden unemployed.

Also those who lost hope of finding a suitablework, remain outside the figures of statistics. Often, such people include parents or spouse. Many women are forced to remain housewives, because they can not find decent work, especially if they live in small towns, where there is a general problem with any employment. They are also not taken into account unless a special study is carried out. Women, especially with young children, are taken ill to work. They suffer more when other types of unemployment arise. Therefore, women should better prepare financially for pregnancy and maternity leave, so as not to feel "on the sidelines of life." If you prepare correctly, then hidden unemployment will not be terrible.

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