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North-West Russia: Economics and Geography

From an administrative point of view, northwestRussia coincides with the North-West Federal District. Some of the regions that make up it have long historical and cultural ties. But the main argument in uniting the regions in the economic subregion was their territorial location.

north-west of russia

Economic map of the north-west of Russia

In the economic sense, all regions included in thethe composition of the district, have different degrees of development and integration into the world and Russian market. Here it is necessary to name all eleven regions included in the federal district:

  • Arhangelsk region;
  • Vologda Region;
  • Kaliningrad;
  • The Republic of Karelia;
  • Komi Republic;
  • Leningrad region;
  • Murmansk region;
  • Nenets Autonomous Okrug;
  • Novgorod region;
  • Pskov region;
  • St. Petersburg.

For example, among the regions that have access toArctic Ocean, the most developed is the Murmansk region with its mining industry, fishing and the world's largest city, located beyond the Arctic Circle. Most residents of Murmansk are more or less connected with the activities of the port.

Murmansk is the only non-freezing port socalled the Northern Route, which makes it extremely important not only for the Russian economy, but also for international trade. Under conditions of global warming, the ice of the Arctic Ocean retreated, and this increased the possibility of transporting goods from Asia to Europe.

As mentioned above, the European north-westRussia has a very heterogeneous level of economic development. Arkhangelsk Oblast and Komi, despite their incredible natural wealth, are significantly behind their neighbors in terms of development and standard of living.

Among economists, it is widely believed thatbackwardness of these regions is connected with insufficiently extended transport infrastructure, the development of which will allow establishing stronger ties between regions. It is expected that the expansion of the railway network in Komi will provide an opportunity to develop rich deposits of titanium and aluminum ores, precious metals and diamonds.

northwest map of russia

White Sea - the heart of the Russian north

Еще со времен освоения первыми русскими settlers of these lands, the north-west of Russia was formed around the White Sea, which served as the main transport route to the extreme north for the inhabitants of Veliky Novgorod. During the Soviet era, important ferry routes passed through the sea, which provided communication between the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, as well as Karelia. Today these connections are violated, the ferry service not only does not develop, but also irreversibly collapses every day.

In Karelia there is one of the important transportcenters of the White Sea - the city of Belomorsk, created by the merger of several fishing villages in 1933. The city stands at the entrance to the White Sea-Baltic Canal, the construction of which is connected with the history of the city. From Belomorsk by boat you can get to the Solovetsky Islands, where after the liquidation of the Gulag monasteries began to revive.

European north-west of Russia

Kaliningrad is a city overseas

Listing the cities of north-west Russia, you can notmention Kaliningrad, which has a very special status associated with its geographical location. The Kaliningrad region is separated from the European part of Russia by the Baltic countries and borders on Poland in the west. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the region's economy was firmly linked to the export of essential goods and clothing from neighboring countries. However, this provision, along with obvious economic bonuses, also created problems related to travel through the territory of the EU states.

cities of northwest Russia

The capital of the north-west

Map of the north-west of Russia is inconceivable withoutthe largest city and an important cultural, economic and transport hub of the region. St. Petersburg has a special status of a city of federal significance and at the same time performs the functions of the administrative center of the federal district. It is in St. Petersburg is the residence of the presidential envoy.

North-West of Russia is considered one of the mostdeveloped economic-geographical regions of the country. The high standard of living, the quality of education and cultural opportunities make it attractive for relocating from other regions.

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