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History of advertising in Russia

Advertising in the world appeared almost simultaneouslywith the advent of trade, which was one of the first signs of a civilized society. The oldest example of advertising, which came to our time, is considered a fragment of the ancient Egyptian papyrus, on which is written a favorable proposal for the sale of slaves. With papyrus ads, the story of advertising starts. In ancient Rome and ancient Greece, advertisements were used, which were engraved on copper and bone plates or painted on wooden plaques.

The history of advertising in Russia begins with the X-XI centuries.At this time, Russian merchants began to use various methods in order to better sell their goods. In those days, the trading estate considered normal the considerable embellishment of the qualities of the goods being sold, deliberately misleading shoppers. The most common method was hiring barkers, who walked along the streets along shopping benches and loudly touted shops and goods sold in them.

Unsurpassed representatives of the bright oralAdvertisements of those years were peddlers who even got into folk folklore. Chapters performed ditties, nursery rhymes, jokes, which in a cheerful and understandable form advertised their small goods (laces, ribbons, kerchiefs, combs, whistles, candies, bagels, gingerbread) and quickly sold them. The history of advertising in Russia also marks an invaluable contribution to the development of popular prints. For the first time they are mentioned in the XVII century, when such amusing plaques decorated the royal chambers. These pictures were liked by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Over time, the pictures began to appearinscriptions that are simple and understandable with various information or events. All this took shape very colorful and colorful. Soon the splinters could already be found not only in the royal chambers, but also in many houses. In the distribution of popular prints, advertising information has also firmly established. When the trade in foreign goods began to gain in strength in Russia, new-fashioned foreign goods began to be advertised in luboks.

Already at the beginning of the 18th century,Petre I "Vedomosti" begins to meet print advertising. The history of advertising in Russia received an additional push, when in the XIX century in the press begins wide distribution of advertisements. At the same time in many Russian cities began to install round thumbs, on which glued the advertising sheets. The same sheets were glued on trams and trams. Right at the entrance of shops and other establishments could receive from the hands of nimble boys promotional price lists and calendars. The development of medicine at this time also led to the need for wide public familiarity with the possibilities of new patented drugs.

The history of advertising in Russia has made a bigstep after the emergence of new methods and forms of advertising led to the emergence of specialized advertising agencies, offices and bureaus. The history of advertising in Russia has radically changed after the October Revolution of 1917. Advertising was completely monopolized by the state by the first decrees of the Soviet government. It was forbidden to use advertising for the sale of goods, it was purely political.

Return of advertising to its purpose occurredonly during the NEP. A vivid example of advertising figures of that period can be considered VV Mayakovsky, who gave this business a lot of his talent. His bright and catchy expressions invariably attracted the attention of buyers to a particular product. However, Soviet society gradually adapted unique advertising opportunities to the requirements of the existing system in the country. Even after the introduction of a market economy and the collapse of socialist forms of management, advertising in Russia began to correspond to its true purpose - to acquaint a wide range of consumers with the important qualities of goods or services.

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