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Radio engineering Taganrog University: reviews, specialties, admission committee

To date, radio engineering Taganrogthe university is one of the prestigious universities not only in Russia and its south, but also in the world. But to call it a university is wrong, because the correct name of the institution is the Engineering and Technology Academy of the Southern Federal University (abbreviated ITA SFedU). Over the past decade, several transformations have taken place, and today graduates receive prestigious diplomas of SFedU.

History of the university in the twentieth century

radio engineering Taganrog University

The year of foundation is 1952. Under the decree of IV.Stalin from 1951 began the construction of a university in the south of the USSR. Until 1974 it was called the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute. In 1974, it was named Kalmykov VD (Minister of Radio Industry of the USSR, a prominent political and scientific figure, born in Rostov-on-Don). But already in the early 90's, with the change in the political system of the country and the education system, the institute ceased to exist.

Since 1993, this educational institution has becomeTaganrog State Radio Engineering University named after VD Kalmykov. And this name he wore until 2006. During this time, many specialists from various fields emerged from the walls of the institute (and subsequently the university). They are electricians, robotics, acoustics, as well as psychologists, environmentalists, programmers and many others. A total of 8 faculties, including the Center for Pre-University Training, in which graduates of secondary schools are trained under special programs.

The 21st Century: Mass Changes

Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering reviews

If at the very beginning of the 2000s it wasTaganrog State University of Radio Engineering (grades can be heard even in social networks), then in 2006 a full-scale reform began. The result is that the educational institution is part of the Southern Federal University and "falls" to the rank of the institute. In the period 2007-2012. it is called the Taganrog Technological Institute of the Southern Federal University.

But this only helped to improve the situation - inpost-perestroika times, financing was meager, so new equipment was bought in scanty amounts. But in the 21st century the situation changed dramatically: the country needs competent specialists again, as a consequence - students learn their business on the newest equipment. The most modern measuring instruments, computers, in the whole educational institution there is hardly an audience left without multimedia equipment.


In the period 2012-2013.another transformation took place, the educational institution was called the Taganrog campus SFedU. The name is very controversial, as many students and teachers associated the name "campus" with a network of hostels. In fact, this is not entirely true, because the campus - this is the library, and scientific centers, and sports grounds, which are separate from the city and are on the same territory. But the radio engineering Taganrog University has a slightly different structure.

You can not call it campus, since it is notisolated from the city - is in its line, next to the buildings are residential houses of ordinary people. Probably, for this reason, the name did not take root: from 2013 to this day the university is called the Engineering-Technological Academy of SFedU. Each educational building has one or two institutes. In fact, what used to be a faculty, today is an institute, a division of the academy.

Admission and training committee

Taganrog Radio Engineering University Admission Board

Here in brief is what I experienced in Taganrogradio engineering university. Admission committee of this university is located at: Taganrog, ul. Chekhov, 22 (building "A"). Days of the open doors are held on the basis of the institution throughout the school year. Future applicants can come and see for themselves what the institute offers them. Usually open days are held in the hall of the building "D", located on the lane. Nekrasovsky.

But after passing the USE, a high school graduate canapply to the admissions office. By providing a copy (or original) of the certificate of passing the exams, and also by writing an application, you can expect the results to be announced. If you have a high enough score, then there is nothing to be afraid of: you will definitely enter the Radio Engineering Taganrog University, and you will study absolutely for free. There is also a contract form (you pay each semester in the training process) and the target (for you the company that you are after the completion of the university is required to work for a while).

What specialties are popular?

Taganrog Radio Engineering University specialty

But I want to know what I have to offerTaganrog Radio Engineering University. Which specialties will be relevant in the near future and in demand in the future? It's trite, but nanotechnology is, perhaps, one of the most modern trends. Several specialties in this area you can find at the Institute of Nanotechnology, Electronics and Instrumentation, which is part of the ITA SFedU.

Another "trendy" direction is robotics.Of course, this sphere is still in its infancy, but it is quite possible that modern students in a few years will make a significant breakthrough in the creation of robots. And how can there be a Radio Engineering Taganrog University without specialties in the following areas:

  • electrical engineering;
  • radio receiving and transmitting devices;
  • electric equipment of cars;
  • electrical equipment of enterprises.

And this is not all the specialties, more information can be found directly in the academy.

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