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Maykop State Technological University (MSTU)

In Maykop, an extremely popular higher educationThe institution is the Maikop State Technological University. The huge interest of the entrants to this university is due primarily to the availability of a variety of training directions - not only technical, but also agricultural, economic and even medical.

History of the University

Each applicant entering Maikoptechnological university, there are many questions about the available specialties, entrance exams, passing points. All this is worthy of attention, but first let's talk about the history of the school.

There was a university not so long ago.The opening of the educational institution took place in 1993. The university was called a technological institute. It had 3 faculties: technological, ecological and economic. In the following years, the organizational structure underwent changes. New units were opened. In 2004 the university became a university. The change of status was due to a significant contribution to the development of education.

Maikop State Technological University

Educational institution today

Maikop State Technologicalthe university is currently a well-known institution of higher education not only in its own city, but also in practically all of Russia. The educational institution is considered a major research and training center of federal significance. For the years of its existence the university has gained a good reputation. That is why now there are more than 12 thousand students. A large number of applications from applicants are processed every year by a selection committee.

Where is the Maykop stateUniversity of Technology? The address of this university is Pervomaiskaya street, 191. The building that is located here annually holds an open house. At this event, the entrants are introduced to the university, faculties, specialties, admission rules. At the bottom of the open doors, people will find out that there are many highly qualified teachers working here - candidates of sciences, doctors, teachers with different honorary titles.

Faculties in the University

The educational institution amazes with a variety of structural divisions. Applicants are offered the following faculties at the Maikop State Technological University:

  • technological;
  • agricultural technologies;
  • ecological;
  • economy and service;
  • engineering and economic;
  • management;
  • international education;
  • information systems in jurisprudence and economics;
  • post-graduate professional education.

Particularly surprising is the presence of a medical institute instructure of the educational organization. There are 2 faculties created in 2004. One of them is medical. He carries out the preparation of students in the specialty "Medicine" on a full-time course of study. The second faculty is pharmaceutical. He teaches future pharmacists on full-time and part-time forms.

Maikop State Technological University faculties

Specialties in the educational institution

There are many faculties in the university, and even more heredirections of preparation. There are more than 30 specialties in Maykop State Technological University. All of them are modern, relevant, in demand and meeting the needs of the labor market in the region.

Special mention should be made of the specialties related toconstruction, land management, geodesy, vehicles, landscape architecture and forestry. In the republic there is no other educational institution that would train specialists for these areas.

branch of Maikop State Technological University

Training in the Technological University

Higher education institution in Maikop leadsquality educational activity. Applied methods ensure the relevance of graduates and their competitiveness in the harsh conditions of the modern labor market. But not only a thoughtful educational process allows the production of highly qualified specialists. An important role is played by teachers who pass on their knowledge, practical skills, and share their experience.

It is important to note that every year the universityis being improved. The material and technical base is being finalized, the educational buildings are being reconstructed, the educational and laboratory base is being developed. To date, the university has 8 academic buildings, 2 dormitories, more than 100 educational laboratories, several computer classes.

Maikop State Technological University address

Scientific activity

Maikop State TechnologicalThe university carries out not only educational activity. He actively manifests himself in the scientific field. Over the past 5 years, the staff of the university has written more than 800 textbooks, educational and methodical manuals, and published many scientific articles.

Modern material technical baseallows us to conduct applied and fundamental research at the university. They are engaged in both teachers and students. Works are conducted within the framework of 12 branches of science. The results of MSTU's scientific activity are marked by various diplomas and awards.

Maykop State Technological University passing scores

About passing points and branch

The most frequently asked question of the entrants is connectedwith passing points. Applicants ask members of the admissions committee which thresholds to score in order to become a student of the budget department. No one can answer this question. Pass points are calculated at the end of the admission campaign. Applicants are always provided with an overview of the results of previous years.

In the Maikop State Technologicalthe passing scores for previous years do not play any role. They can only serve as motivation for intensive training. So, let's consider as an example the year 2016, the first stage of enrollment and several specialties:

  • on "Construction" the passing score was equal to 156;
  • on "Applied Informatics" - 109;
  • on "Information Security" - 139;
  • on the "Oil and Gas Business" - 147;
  • in the "Medical case" - 214;
  • on "Pharmacy" - 206;
  • on the "Tourism" - 164, etc.

Persons interested in the university can come toMaykop for the purpose of submitting documents to the Admission Commission. Residents of the village Yablonovskoe do not have to do this, because in their village there is a branch of Maikop State Technological University. His address is Svyazi Street, 11.

Maikop State Technological University

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is not in vain MSTUis popular among applicants. This institution is positively responded by employees, graduates, employers. According to many people, only qualitative education is offered here. That is why graduates are in demand not only in Maikop, but also in other cities of Russia, countries of near and far abroad. Now the Maikop State Technological University (MSTU) continues to develop. He seeks to become a leader among innovative universities in Russia, the basis of social and economic potential of Adygea.

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