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Ideas of a wedding manicure. Manicure for the bride

The most memorable, solemn, romanticand a happy day in the life of the fair sex - this is a wedding. Every girl dreams that everything was perfect this day: a gorgeous outfit, an exquisite bouquet, a smart hairstyle, accessories, make-up and, of course, a manicure. It is very important to think through all the details to create your own unique image.

ideas for a wedding manicure

Wedding rings are an important attribute of a wedding.In this regard, the hands of the bride almost the whole day remain the object of attention, they are focused on the lenses of video and cameras, the views of the groom and guests. Therefore, the manicure of a young wife must be impeccable. Experienced master will help the bride to create a nail design, as she wishes. However, it is better to decide on a choice in advance, so you should consider the ideas of a wedding manicure.

Nails - an important element of the image of the bride

What should be the wedding manicure?The design of nails should harmoniously be combined with a wedding dress, a bouquet and ideally to be entered in an image. Manicure for the bride is a kind of genre with its own motives, ideas and rules. First of all, it should be understood that a manicure should be practical. The length of the nails plays an important role in this. Too long nails can cause inconvenience, and they do not look vulgar on occasion. The optimal length of nails should not be more than 5 millimeters.

The shape of the nail plate can be oval,almond shaped or rectangular, depending on the preferences of the girl. For an extravagant and unordinary bride, an acute form of nails is suitable, but it should be understood that such an option is somewhat impractical and can cause discomfort.

manicure for the bride

Naturally, the wedding manicure should bereliable and persistent. Dying lacquer or broken nail can become a disappointment and spoil the holiday. Therefore, do not use the usual composition. It is better to turn to the masters and cover the nails with shellac. It is also possible to make gel or acrylic build-up.

The most optimal ideas for a wedding manicure: a classic French jacket

Classics of this style has been for many years nowFrench manicure, which fits perfectly into the wedding genre. This design is known to every girl - the tips of the nails are painted in white, and the rest remains natural.

French suits any bride and under absolutelyany dress. It successfully looks on the nails of different shapes and lengths. The French manicure gives to the hand of femininity and refinement, looks very gently and freshly. Different french can be various elements of decor: drawings, rhinestones, modeling, beads, etc.

Color manicure for a wedding

The color of nails is usually consistent with the traditionalthe white dress of the bride and the shade of the skin are white, soft pink and pastel colors. The ideas of white manicure are very diverse and traditional for an event such as a wedding. However, there are exceptions to all the rules. If the bride's attire is creative and contains bright colors, then the nail design can complement this image.

ideas of white manicure

So, for example, a fan-french is the same Frenchmanicure, but not traditionally white, but any other: red, blue, purple. Recently, it is widespread and may well suit an extraordinary bride.

Recently distributed thematicwedding in retro style, Brazilian orientation and the like. The design of the bride's nails may well correspond to the chosen theme, and then the use of different colors is possible. Sometimes, as opposed to a white dress, the bride chooses the red roses of the wedding bouquet and the same lipstick. Here it is quite appropriate to have red nails.

Manicure for the bride - lace

Very gently and exquisitely looks manicure withdrawing in the form of lace. There is a huge number of unmatched options with a delicate ribbon on the nails. The ideas of a wedding manicure with lace are varied. This can be patterns with flowers, earrings, lace in the form of a net or tulle.

wedding manicure with rhinestones

This manicure is especially harmoniously combined with the image, if in the bride's attire there is a guipure or lace elements - sleeves, boleros. It looks so splendid magnificence.

Imitation of lace can be an addition toFrench or moon manicure. Perform this intricate pattern can be on all nails or only a few fingers. You can complete the design with rhinestones - the ideas of a wedding manicure are endless. It's worth imagining, and your nails on this happy day will be flawless.

Luxury and splendor

Wedding manicure with crystals looks simpleadorable. Very often in the attire of the bride there is a decor with various crystals or Swarovski stones. With such dresses it will be wonderful to combine manicure with rhinestones, which amazes with its luxury and magnificence. Ideas of white manicure, complemented by these shining pebbles, will not leave anyone indifferent.

wedding manicure pink

However, it is important not to overdo it. The search for stones looks pretty defiant, so pile nails with rhinestones is not worth it. It will be enough if you decorate an unnamed finger with such elements.

Of course, this is not the rule.Everyone has his own taste, and in what quantity to use the rhinestones, every bride will decide for himself. It should be remembered that the crystals must be securely attached to the nail plate.

Pink notes

Often the masters suggest making a pinkmanicure for the bride. This color at the wedding celebration is also very relevant. Often a wedding bouquet is collected from pink roses, the bride's dress can be an insert with a pink ribbon or bow. This shade is very much in harmony with the girl's outfit.

Options for a wedding manicure

Therefore, the wedding manicure pink is sosame classical, as well as white. He looks very feminine and gentle. An unobtrusive combination of pink and white will give the marigolds romantic and cleanliness.

New trend of fashion - the moon manicure and the wedding gradient

In the nail art, as in any other, there are their own fashion trends. Nowadays, especially popular and stylish is the moon manicure.

This jacket is the opposite, that is, the traditional whitecolor is painted on the hole near the cuticle, and the entire nail is covered with any other shade - pink, solid, beige, etc. Very interesting is the combination of the moon manicure and a jacket. You can supplement such a design with a pattern, rhinestones or lace. Each master embodies his ideas of white manicure.

Gradient is an innovation in the design of nails. Smooth transition of one color to another - this is the gradient manicure. It is not necessary to use only two colors, there can be much more.

Wedding manicure pink

In the wedding manicure it can be a transition frompink to white, or vice versa. Other decor elements are possible, but may be superfluous, as this design of nails itself looks very fresh, gentle and stylish.

Options for a wedding manicure are very diverse.Naturalness and elegance is the main trend of the wedding fashion of the present time. Each bride must choose her own individual, unique and best nail design. But to implement their ideas, it is best to turn to specialists who will be able to turn the ideas into reality and make this remarkable solemn holiday unforgettable.

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