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Cakes for hen party. Inscriptions, photos

Such an event as a bachelorette is an inalienablecomponent of any normal wedding. And the brides are prepared for him no less scrupulously and responsibly than to the most important triumph in their life. Scenarios for a bachelorette party can be completely different, the ideas for him depend on the capabilities of the organizers, their preferences and fantasies. Very often, these farewells to an unmarried life are accompanied by beautiful, sumptuous cakes,

cakes for hen party
which are the "nail" of the evening.

Today cakes for a hen party are just as stylishattribute, only edible, as, for example, a limousine, champagne or cocktails. The party will be remembered absolutely for all girl-friends, if it ends with a friendly eating of the masterpiece of culinary art.

Cakes for hen party: where did it come from?

Tradition, most likely, European, because it isfrom there came to us a version of the cake for a bachelor party, from which jumps into the arms of the astonished groom of burlesque diva. The girls decided to keep up and adopted such entertainment. Of course, in their case, a live filling is a striptease guy, who is hired by conspired girlfriends. Such cakes for the hen party will be remembered for the rest of their lives, but their price, due to the size and special design for the "surprise", is not available to everyone, and not everywhere you can order such a masterpiece. Therefore, you can do with a "normal" cake without jumping stripper, theme it to decorate and make an inscription, for example.

an inscription on a cake for a hen party

Cakes for hen party. Captions

The best option, if you, of course, do notmaster confectioner, is to order a cake from the professionals of this case. And the fantasy in this case can be limited only by the financial framework. Usually, these cakes make quite large sizes (all depends on the number of guests), crowned with various comic inscriptions, and also adorned with mastic. It is a heavy thing in its structure, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to order a product less than 5 kg. With its help, you can make any design of the cake, as you wish. Very often, girls order products in the form of a half-naked man, with the image of masculine virtues, in the form of a bare torso or a man's shirt. The inscription on the cake for the hen party can read: "Eat me, lick me", "I'm so delicious and sweet", "Bite me" and in such a spirit.

The master-class: a cake for a hen party. A photo

If you are a lover of domestic gatherings and intimate conversations, then the cake can be

cake for hen-party photo
bake together, making this process a parthen party. After all, it will be so fun and unforgettable to absorb everything that they themselves have prepared. The theme of the cake conceived by you will help to realize the mastic, the treatment of which requires some skills. But they can be bought again in the joint preparation of the main delicacy. And comic inscriptions can be made with cream using a confectionery bag. As for the recipe, it can be any: biscuit, "Medovik", "Napoleon". And you can replace the cake with small, but exquisite cakes, which is suitable for a hen party, for example, in the style of a pajama party. They can also be baked all together, then to be eaten together under a film and mulled wine.

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