/ / Abstract: "Demon" Lermontov M. Yu. The image of a dark angel

Summary: "Demon" M. Lermontov. The image of a dark angel

demon Lermontov's summary

Lermontov's poem takes the reader to the Caucasus,where from the cosmic height behind what is happening on earth watching a sad dark angel. His loneliness weighs on, so no longer in the joy of immortality and the ability to create evil, the surrounding landscapes cause nothing but contempt, but the oppressive atmosphere does not convey a brief content. Demon (Lermontov fascinated and at the same time frightened this character) flew over Georgia, when his attention was attracted by a joyful animation near the estate of the local feudal lord. The angel of vice sank lower and saw that Prince Gudal was going to marry his only beautiful daughter, and the house was just preparing the last preparations for the triumph. But the joyful mood of others can not convey a summary.

Demon Lermontov can not understand the joy that reignsin the principality. The guests are already gathered, the wine is pouring down the river, and Princess Tamara prepares to perform her wedding dance before the groom arrives. Even the Demon can not take his eyes off the beautiful woman, when she rushes with a tambourine with a frightened doe, then she takes off with a bird on old carpets. Tamara was given in marriage at her request, the ruler of the Synodal is beautiful, young and in love with his bride. But nevertheless the girl was going through, how her family would accept her, would not they restrict her freedom.

poem of Lermontov's demon

The feelings of the lord of darkness, when he saw Tamara,very well depicted Lermontov's poem "Demon." The summary, however, allows one to recognize in the dark angel a cruel and selfish tyrant. He wanted the beauty to belong to him alone, so he sent robbers to the caravan of the groom, who looted wedding presents, killed the guards, and wounded the prince himself. The horse raced that there were forces to take the master to the wedding feast, not knowing that he was already dead.

In the family of the bride the tragedy:his father does not go his own way, and Tamara, in beautiful wedding attire in the mountain falls on the bed. Through sobs the girl hears a charming voice, comforting her, telling fairy tales, he promises to visit her every night. The dynamics of developing events can not convey a summary. Demon Lermontov confuses Tamara: she guesses that a beautiful young man who comes to her in dreams can not be a guardian angel, but he does not look like the demon of hell. To escape from temptation, the girl asks her father to give her to the monastery. Prince Gudal is angry, because the bridegrooms besiege the estate, hearing Tamara's constant refusals, but still agrees to fulfill her request.

Lermontov demon short

Strength, selfishness and perseverance of the darkangel showed in his poem Lermontov. The demon (the short contents of the poem reveals his true nature) understands what feelings the girl is causing - she is in love with him, tries to pray to the icons, but prays to him. He wants physical intimacy, but realizes that for this beauty will pay off with her life, so she hesitates with the decision. At night, the Demon approaches the cell with the desire to abandon his insidious plan, but can not fly. A tear rolls down his cheek, but still he approaches the girl.

Next to Tamara's bed is her guardian angel,who asks Demon to leave, but he explains that the defender came too late. The girl no longer likes the conversations of a dark stranger, he does not seem to her as beautiful as in a dream. But can it convey the fullness of Tamara's feelings in a concise manner? Demon Lermontov sees the doubts of the beauty, opens her soul, and Tamara allows to touch her. In the middle of the night a shrill scream and a death cry are heard, heard only by the monastic watchman ...

Prince Gudal decided to bury his daughter in a high-mountain family cemetery, where crenellated rocks still guard the peace of the beloved Demon.

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