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Simonov Constantine. Biography of the writer

Simonov Constantine. His biography in this article will begin with the indication of the place of his birth. And this place is Petrograd.

Simon Constantin Biography

So, on November 15 (or the 28th according to the new style)Konstantin was born (although his name is actually Cyril) Mikhailovich. He was brought up by his stepfather, who taught at the military school. And where did the famous writer lived, when he was a child, Simon Konstantin? His biography tells us that he lived in Saratov and Ryazan.

In 1930, Simonov graduated from the Seven-Year Plan, afterwhich is sent to master the profession of turner. The following year, his family moved to Moscow. Simonov Konstantin (the biography described here is as brief as possible, so that many details can be missed) begins to work at the plant, and works there until 1935. And in 1931 Simonov began writing poems.

In 1936, for the first time, "lit up" in magazinesknown now Simonov Constantine (biography reports and their names - "Young Guard" and "October"). In these journals were published his first poetic works. In 1938, the writer completes his studies at the Literary Institute. M. Gorky and entered the post-graduate course of IFLI. However, next year he is sent to Mongolia for Halkin Gol. He works there as a military correspondent. After this trip, Simonov did not return to the institute.

constantin simonov short biography

The first play, as informs us biographyKonstantin Simonov, was written by him in 1940, and after that he was staged at the Lenin Komsomol Theater. Her name is "The Story of One Love." The second play was written by Konstantin Simonov next year, and was called "A Guy from Our City". Throughout the year Constantine did not waste time - he went to courses intended for military correspondents who were at the Military-Political Academy, and, in addition, received the rank of second-in-command second-rank.

Konstantin Simonov was an amazing man. A brief biography of him is not at all an indicator of boring life. About him, you can tell a lot of things to the world.

As soon as the war began, Constantine was calledin the army, and began work in a newspaper called "Battle Flag". Already in 1942 he became the senior battalion commissar, and in 1943 - a lieutenant colonel. After the end of the war, Simonov at all moved into the ranks of the colonels. Almost all of his military materials were published in the "Red Star". During the war years, Constantine wrote several plays, a story, as well as two books of poems.

biography of Simon's Constantine
As a military correspondent, Simonovto visit all the fronts, ran around the Romanian, Bulgarian, Yugoslav, Polish and German lands. I personally saw the last battles for Berlin. After the war, his collections of essays were published.

In the postwar years he traveled on many foreign business trips. For three years he traveled to Japan, the US and China. As a correspondent of Pravda, he lived in Tashkent (1958-1960).

His first novel, which is called "Comrades onweapon ", was released in 1952, followed by the book" Alive and the Dead "(1959) .In 1961, the play" Constantine "was staged by Konstantin Simonov, and from 1963 to 1964 Konstantin wrote the novel "Soldiers are not born," to which in 1970-1971 a sequel was written, which is called "Last Summer".

In many of Simonov's novels films were shot and, in addition, the writer led a very active social life.

Konstantin Simonov passed away on the 28th of August, the year of 1979.

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