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Biography of Marshak Samuil Yakovlevich

There is no such person who does not know the nameSamuil Marshak. Poems of this talented poet remain in consciousness forever, if once they are heard. Marshak's biography tells that this amazing man was born in 1887. It happened on November 3 in the city of Voronezh. Samuel Yakovlevich, in addition to writing remarkable poetry, was also a literary critic, playwright, translator. He became a laureate of the Stalin and Lenin Prize.

Childhood and youth

biography of Marshak

Biography Marshak tells that the poet waswas born into a Jewish family. His father worked at a factory that was engaged in the production of soap. Mother was a simple housewife. Samuel studied at the Ostrogozhsky gymnasium, then he received education in the St. Petersburg and Yalta gymnasiums. The future poet already in his youth was diligent and inquisitive. During his studies in Petersburg, he spent a lot of time in the halls of the public library. This man, besides education in his homeland, received him also abroad. First he studied at the Polytechnic College of London, then at the University of the same city.


Samuel marshak biography

Marshak's biography announces his acquaintance withMaxim Gorky. It happened in 1904. The great Russian writer immediately saw and felt that Samuel is talented, he has a future in writing poems. Young Marshak lived in the Yalta dacha of Maxim Gorky for two years. And the first collection of a talented guy did not take long. It was published in 1907. However, the themes of the poems were of Jewish orientation. The collection was called "Sionids".

Biography of Marshak reports that since 1906 hepermanently resides in St. Petersburg, until 1911. It was then that the poet, being a correspondent of a couple of Petersburg publications, goes on a journey to the Middle East. That indelible impression that Samuel got, made him create the best works.

Marshak lived in England, and already withwife. There he devoted much time to his education, studied folklore. In England, he began translating into Russian the local works. In Russia, the poet returned in 1914, worked as a correspondent in provincial towns and villages. Since 1920, he begins to open children's cultural institutions, including his own, he creates a children's theater (and the first at that time in Russia). For him, he composes plays. For children this person has done a lot. Everyone remembers his immortal "Tale of a Stupid Mouse" or "Children in a Cage." The list of masterpieces is very long.

brief biography of Marshak
In Petrograd was organized a magazine for kids "Sparrow". Samuel Marshak tried again. His biography reports that the poet devoted a huge part of his life to children's literature.

During the war, his activities continue.This amazing person is sacrificing a lot for the construction of kindergartens and boarding schools. However, he created not only children's works, but also serious feuilletons for the anger of the day. Shortly before his death, he published an autobiographical story.

Personal life

Marshak's biography reports that he was married with1912 on Sofya Mikhailovna. They brought up daughter Nathaniel, who died at the age of one year under a terrible coincidence - a hot samovar overturned her. The youngest son of the couple lived 21 years - he died of tuberculosis. But the elder even survived his father briefly, he became a famous physicist. The poet's grandson is alive to this day. He works as a narcologist and is well known in certain circles.

A brief biography of Marshak reports that he left this world in 1964. The poet lived a decent life.

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