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Summary "The Caucasian Captive" by Alexander Pushkin

One evening in the aul comes the rider, draggingon the captive's lasso. At first glance, the unfortunate seems dead, but at noon he comes to his senses and remembers the events of the last days. The fate of the Russian warrior in the Chechen aul tells a brief summary. The Caucasian captive always dreamed of gaining freedom. To this end, he went from his native Russia to the Caucasus, who always beckoned him, but as a result he got shackles on his feet. The man understands that from now on he is a slave, and only death can save him.

A peaceful life in the circle of Circassians

short summary Caucasian captive
The captive liked the young Circassian girl,comes to him at night, when the aul fell asleep, to give him a cold koumiss. She sits next to a man for a long time, crying softly, because she can not tell him about her feelings. About the personal experiences of each of the heroes narrates a brief content. The Caucasian captive remains alive, he is instructed to herd in the mountains a herd. His life does not threaten anything, but still the man is not pleased with the surrounding landscapes, a delightful view of the snow-capped Elbrus and the mountains of the Caucasus, a peaceful life. The hero mentally mentally returns to his homeland.

Behind the customs and customs of highlanders with enthusiasmobserves the Caucasian captive. Pushkin, whose brief poem depicts the poet's attitude to the peoples of the Caucasus, vividly described the hospitality and militancy of the Circassians. Through his protagonist, the writer showed that he likes the simplicity of their lives. The captive could watch for hours the young jigiting guys, who had been accustomed to war from an early age. He admired their fearlessness, the formidable raids on the Cossacks, and also the hospitality to the wanderers, lost in the mountains at night.

Communication with a young Circassian girl

caucasian captive Pushkin
On the development of relations between a local girl andthe main character also tells a short summary. The Caucasian captive was accustomed to a dull life, but still he was delighted with the storms raging on the mountain slopes, regretting that they did not reach the heights on which he was. Every night a Circassian came to him, bringing honey, wine, koumiss, millet with him. The girl sat next to him, shared a meal, sang her songs, taught her native language. Circassian woman fell in love with the man with all her heart, but he could not respond to her in return.

Freedom is more precious than life

On the tragic fate of the young Circassian narratessummary. The Caucasian captive once opens his soul to the girl, begging her to forget about him, for, no matter how much he wants, he could not reciprocate her love. Circassian reproaches him for not sparing her feelings, persuading him to forget his homeland and stay with her, but the hero refuses, because in his soul there lives another image, so sweet to his heart, but unattainable. A man understands the suffering of a girl, because he himself experienced unrequited love.

Caucasian Captive Short
Once Circassians gathered in a hike, leaving in the villageonly old people, children and women. The Caucasian captive, whose brief description of his actions gives an idea of ​​his courage, dreams of escaping, but the shackles prevent the realization of the plan. At night comes the Circassian and cuts the chain, the hero invites her to escape together, but the girl refuses, knowing about his feelings for the other. The prisoner rushes into the river and swims to the other side, hearing behind him a strange groan and a splash of water. He realizes that his savior drowned. Farewell to the aul, the man goes to the Cossack village.

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