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Abstract "Doll" Nosov - a story that will teach compassion

short nouveau doll
Evgeny Nosov is a writer, a laureate of the stateawards to them. Gorky. He has many works about the war, his native land. In his story "The Doll" he raises the problem of spirituality, the spiritual frailty of people. Abstract The "Doll" of Nosov will help the reader to quickly familiarize themselves with the work and make their conclusions about it.


This story has two names - the second one is "Akimych". Why? Because it is he who is the protagonist of the work. Abstract Nosov's "Doll" will introduce the reader to this person.

The narrative is conducted on behalf of Yevgeny himselfNosov. He tells about his military comrade, with whom they fought together during the Great Patriotic War. They with Akimych together participated in several military operations, including in Belarus and Poland. But one day a friend was wounded.

The concussion did not pass unnoticed.Until now, although decades have passed, when he worries, he loses the gift of speech, turns pale, stops and looks at the interlocutor with agony, and his lips are helplessly pulled out by a tube.

Once they went with Akimych to the shore oncea stormy and full-flowing river. It is here that the reader is briefed. The "Doll" of Nosov begins with a scene by the pond. The writer tells about how powerful this river was before. The canal was overgrown with grass, narrowed. Akimych looked wistfully at this spectacle.

short nouveau doll

Such a plot was invented in his story by E. Nosov "The Doll". The summary will tell you about an unpleasant event.

Abusing a doll

One day the author met his friend Akimych.He looked very worried. He pointed to the roadside ditch in which the doll lay. She spread her legs and arms. The face was still pretty. But my eyes were dented, and on the beautiful hair there were places of burns. The dress was taken off, and the blue panties were wrenched and the body also had burns, it was doused with a burning cigarette.

Akimych took the doll, stroked it and said it wasnot the first time. He saw that almost the same are lying around in garbage dumps, in garbage piles. Here, to such a sad moment, the reader brought a brief summary. "Doll" Nosov makes you think about the cruel and cynical deeds.

e noses doll short summary

Funeral dolls

Akimych said that when he sees this, thenit even pounding. And people go by indifferently. Pass lovers couples, families with children, and no one pays attention to the abandoned and mutilated dolls. Akimych is sure that this is from spiritual frailty and blindness.

The protagonist was not like that.About this tells and the short content. The "Doll" of Nosov teaches the reader goodness and indifference. Akimych took a shovel and marked a place, began digging a grave. Digging it diligently and on conscience.

The doll was about a meter tall, but the main pitthe hero dug up a little more. He brought hay, lowered it into the hollow, and already on top of him put the doll. He also sprinkled it with hay from above. He straightened the clothes on the martyr and began to dig in. "Do not bury everything," said Akimych with pain. Most likely, he meant human indifference, callousness.

The story teaches kindness and compassion.

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