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Detachment Dumbledore: a description of the organization of the "Order of the Phoenix"

Dumbledore's detachment is an organization in the most famoussaga of Juan Rolling "Harry Potter". As is often the case with the world's bestsellers, the squad has gained popularity in the real world. A lot of children and teenagers swept off the shelves the badges and clothes of their favorite book heroes.

Order of Dumbledore: the book "The Order of the Phoenix"

At the end of Part 4, the evil wizard Voldemort (intransfer Rossman - Volan de Mort) was reborn. A terrible threat looms over Britain and the whole world. The return of Togo-who can not be called-causes a serious conflict between the leadership of the school of sorcery and magic of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic. Minister Fudge refuses to acknowledge the existence of the threat and believes that Director Dumbledore wavers intrigues, the purpose of which is to seize the ministerial chair.

Dumbledore's detachment

Therefore, Cornelius sends for supervisionHogwarts his ward is Umbridge. She fully shares the views of her boss. Upon arrival, she immediately begins to establish her own order. She was instructed to teach students the subject "Protection from the dark arts." Umbridge believes that Dumbledore is going to create his own army of students. Therefore, it does not give students any practice on attacking and defensive spells.

Harry Potter and the Dumbledore Squad

Harry Potter, who saw with his own eyes a resurgenceThe Dark Lord, believes that his comrades must learn to fight. And by Christmas he comes to the decision to create a secret organization, where anyone can learn to protect from dark arts. For want of other options, Harry acts as the teacher.
During another raid in the village of Hogsmeadestudents of various faculties gather in one of the taverns. They were all called by Harry's friends. There, a scarred boy makes a speech about the need to begin preparations for a big war and calls on those present to join Dumbledore's detachment. Almost everyone agrees.
The last problem remains the place for fees.Umbridge banned the creation of any organization without her personal permission. And to let the hated Harry Potter teach her someone would not exactly. And then the solution is found by Neville Dolgopups. The ancient castle of Hogwarts holds many secrets. One of them is the "Help-room." This is a special place that opens the doors only to those who really need it. The very same room takes exactly the kind that is necessary for a person.

Start training

When the students entered, they sawA spacious hall with a lot of items that will help with learning. As the name of their group choose "Detachment Dumbledore," since that was what Umbridge feared, the diver does not have anything to do with the organization.
So, Harry begins to teach students everything he knows himself.

Harry Potter and the Dumbledore Squad
Begin with the simplest defensive spell andDisarming spells. The first problems arise when mastering Patronus. For Harry, the challenge of a silver defender against the Dementors was not difficult. But it turned out that not all charms are given so easily. At this point Potter’s teaching abilities are revealed. Even awkward Neville was able to call Patronus.
Dumbledore squad drives Harry to a girl namedZhou Chang. In a short time he falls in love. And on the eve of Christmas their first kiss takes place. The fact that Zhou used to be Cedric Diggory's girlfriend, who was killed in front of Harry, adds to the drama.

Detachment detachment

In the second half of the year, Umbridge begins the realthe hunt Dumbledore's squad is forced to use fake coins for communication. Using various tricks, students continue their meetings. But Umbridge manages to catch Zhou and pump up the truth. Under the action of a potion girl gives all the secrets. This leads to a raid and capture of participants.

Dumbledore Squad Book
Dumbledore squad ceases to exist.

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