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The book "Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat". Summary

Books of childhood always leave pleasantmemories in the shower. They are capable of warming our hearts in moments of serious thought and trouble. We remember them, already being adults, and read with pleasure to our children. Among these favorite authors is Uspensky E. "Uncle Fyodor, Dog and Cat" is a work of preschool and junior school period. At this time, the child, as a rule, only learns the process of reading, and therefore the characters of the famous "Prostokvashino" are easily remembered.

uncle fedor dog and cat summary

Hardly there is another equally exciting children's work than "Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat." The summary, presented below, will refresh the memory of significant moments and maintain an optimistic attitude.

The first meeting

This story begins with a short story aboutthe boy Uncle Fedor, who was so independent that he learned to read in four years, and at six could, without any prompting from adults, cook a soup. The child was very fond of animals, in particular pets. However, my mother did not permit the establishment of any pets in the apartment. Very soon the boy, making a walk, met a homeless cat who needed care. Uncle Fedor fed him and invited him to the apartment.

Uspenskiy e Uncle Fedor Dog and cat

Mom did not like the fact that with them nowlives a mustachioed-striped pet, so she told her son to drive the animal away. Instead, the boy chose to leave his home with his cat, who, incidentally, himself invented a proud and sonorous name - Matroskin. The first chapter of the book "Uncle Fyodor, Dog and Cat" tells about this. The brief content allows you to recall the amusing stories and events that happened to the heroes on.

Transfer to the village of Prostokvashino

Soon the dog Sharik joins the boy and the cat.Although he was too run-down, untidy, but he knew how to guard the house. Friends moved to a village called Prostokvashino, found a free house there and healed very happily.

Who did not read the wonderful fairy tale "Uncle Fyodor,dog and cat "? The brief content helps to focus on the most significant moments of the narrative, to understand the character of the characters and the motives of their actions. It is evident that Matroskin's cat has an uneasy temper: he is quick-tempered, but he likes order in everything. Uncle Fyodor is a real researcher, he studies animals, and the dog Sharik is a true romantic.

full content uncle fyodor dog and cat uspensky

"New cares" - this is the title of the third chapterfairy tales - educate the heroes. Uncle Fyodor has to assume all responsibility, and he manages this fun company. Is the book more interesting than "Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat"? Summary opens the possibility for the reader to immerse himself in the atmosphere of childhood and amazing adventures.

Housing arrangement

To friends was comfortable living in a new house,they had to create an order and coziness around themselves. To this end, all three carefully cleaned up the rooms, arranged all the things in their places, met with local residents, in particular with the annoying postman Pechkin. In addition, soon they found a treasure and bought a tractor "Mitya" and a cow for Murka. Many adventures and funny stories awaited friends: then Sharik will be carried away with photo hunting or a beaver from the river will catch, Matroskin, for some unknown reason, will take it into his head to get home an artificial sun to warm like in the summer.

Instead of concluding

To thoroughly remember the tale, you need to openfull content. "Uncle Fyodor, Dog and Cat" (Uspensky) is an original and significant work that can be re-read many times both for children and adults. The book is a genuine creation of a true master who never ceases to amaze readers.

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