/ What is Anapaest in Literature? Anapaest Example

What is anapaest in literature? Anapaest Example

In the past, during the Silver Ageliterature, compliance with size was an exceptional necessity. Now among modern poets there is a tendency to neglect the size for the sake of the uniqueness of the image, many deliberately replace in their works harmony to the dissonance of sounds for exposing the negative moments of reality. However, there are also modern lovers of poetry with a clean meter.

Let's stop at a size like anapaest. An example of anapaest we find in such poets as Alexander Blok, Afanasy Fet, Alexander Tvardovsky, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Bunin and others.

The etymology of the word "anapest"

Let's try to find out what anapaest is in the literature.And examples of famous poets will be a learning material in this matter. The meaning of the word will be closely examined when an understanding of its origins comes. The very word "anapest" comes from the Greek and means "reverse". That is, in this case, we mean the opposite of anapaste to dactyl. The trisyllabic dactyl differs by an accent on 1 syllable, accordingly, its rhythmics has the intonation of "falling". This intonation is perfectly heard in verse, and even for people who are not engaged in analyzing verse stanzas, distinguishing between dactyl and anapaste will not be a difficult task. Between the rhythm of the falling and growing syllable there is the middle-third dimension of the trisyllabic "world" in poetry-amphibrachium, in which the stress falls, as already understood by many, by two syllables.

Three-syllable verse size anapaest. What is special about it?

Accents are used to strengthen the logicalconstruction, indicate the basic concepts of the poetic message. And also to preserve the "melody" of what has been said. Its significance in literature is immeasurable. Anapest as size has an unforgettable rhythm. Three-syllable verse size can have up to 5 syllables in the stanza, as A. Fet wrote. The voice of the reader grows from one syllable to the last in a progression. This gives the said special importance, greatness and seriousness to the texts. Anapaest is a three-syllable beautiful size, with an increasing rhythm of the syllable. To see it and feel the syllable, be sure to give an example of anapaste.

How to determine size?

To determine the size of a poem you needbe sure to write on the draft, observing the stanzas. Then read aloud, defining the stressed syllables by voice. If the stress is repeated in 2 syllables, this is a two-syllable size, and when 3 is used, it is trisyllabic.

If you can not first understand the size exactly,try to understand: this is a two-syllable or three-syllable verse size. Do not despair at once. It is worth saying that not all modern poets know absolutely all the poetic dimensions, of which there are, of course, more than 5.

Examples in the poems of famous poets

In the fashion of anapaest among the poets entered the XX century.It is very interesting to learn how the anapestos used in their poems were recognized geniuses of infinitely young, though old historical epochs. For this we give an example of anapaest in the poem of the master of his time - Alexander Blok.

What is anapaest in the literature and examples?

I accept you, failure,
And, good luck, my greetings to you. (A.Blok)

The stresses are as follows: - / - / --- / - / -

Alexander Blok often used this size.His verse captures the soul and is read melodiously, although we recall that it is difficult to write an anapest. Here is another small example of anapaest in the famous poem:

And flowers, and bumblebees, and grass, and ears ...

The poem was written by Ivan Bunin, and anapaest is also used here.

Dimensions in verse А.С. Pushkin

Radiant poet - A.S.Pushkin - did not give too much anapaest. Examples of Pushkin's poems, of course, are, and we will quote them. But basically he used a six-legged iambic and experimented with a horei. At that time anapaest was a novelty, and only when the poet at a later age was already trying to diversify the metric and sonority of the verse, began to sometimes use three-syllable verse size.

Anapaest. Examples of Pushkin's poetry

We can find an anapaest in the poem "The Gypsies". In this work, with the help of anapaest, the monologue of Zemfira's heroine is written:

Hate you,

I despise you;

I love another,

I'm dying to love.

Still later he wrote in the anapaest the work "Budrys and his sons", which is studied in schools.

Three-syllable verse size

Only in adulthood did the poet freely writeall classical sizes, and all his works reflect a personal style. And it was already polished by a long work stylistics, where all the verse sizes were freely coexisting. That is why Pushkin became a genius of all times.

How to find your poetic size?

Everyone in the soul of a poet who has feelings.It is not necessary to be equal to the great ones when you write for yourself, only to express emotions. Literary works are not written under the ruler, since it is a living and many-sided organism. If a man has enough imagination and he knows literary tricks, why not try to find his style in poetry? You have already seen the example of anapaste, but remembering that others differ only in stress, it is easy to analyze other dimensions.

At first it will be useful to read a couple of collectionspleasant poets and try to analyze how they write the poetic size. This is just for the development of technology, no one needs to copy. It is important to maintain your individuality, like this young man:

Anapaest Example
You can experiment with different sizes,to try to express one's thought in a non-standard way. But all the same, you need to know the basics of versification. When the rhythm is observed, then the poem will be pleasant to read. It does not "cut the ears" around, but, on the contrary, cherishes a tender ear.

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