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Summary of the "Snow Queen" Hans Christian Andersen

For many generations of readers this fairy tale was andremains one of the most beloved. A brief description of the "Snow Queen" by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen can be recounted by any child and adult, thanks to numerous scenic, cinematographic and animation incarnations. But only those who read the text from beginning to end, know that this is not just a children's fairy tale. This is a story about love and devotion, about good and evil. However, like any fairy tale.

a brief description of the snow queen

Summary of the Snow Queen

Whatever variations are presented in the films orcartoons, the core of the plot remains unchanged. The main characters are little Gerda and Kai, they are very friendly and happy. So it was until the heart and eyes of Kai pierced the ice, and the Snow Queen did not take him to the ice palace with her. And after that begins the story of a brave girl who is not afraid of anything and overcomes many dangers to find her friend. And she finds it in the far North. But Kai is not happy with her, because his heart has become completely icy, and his eyes see nothing good and good. But the tears of Gerda melt his heart, and now they are not at all terrible - so draws the line Andersen - Snow Queen. The summary of the tale is as follows. But this is just a cursory retelling of the plot, which actually contains a number of separate stories from each other.

Anderson Snow Queen

Summary of the "Snow Queen" in seven stories

In adapted paraphrases and cartoons forchildren most often drop the story first, it's the main thing - about the evil troll that owned the magic mirror. It reflected everything only in the crooked light: the beautiful was seen in it as ugly, the good seemed evil. With his mirror, the troll conquered more and more power over the earth and people. And now he wanted to get to the angels, so that there would not be anything light in the sky either. His servants began to lift the evil mirror higher and higher, but dropped it. It broke into a myriad of fragments that covered the Earth, dug into human hearts, eyes, hands. They continued to hover in the air and wound people. So the "Snow Queen" begins - a fairy tale, the summary of which is overgrown with a lot of animated and inanimate characters, and each of them has its own destiny.

In the second story there is an acquaintance with Kay and Gerda, as well as grandmother Kaya, who told the children about the mysterious Snow Queen looking at the windows. Then she appears.

a brief description of the snow queen
In the heart and eye of Kaya fall fragments of the very samemirrors, and he becomes angry and rude: offends Gerd, mimics grandmother, tramples roses - them with a girlfriend favorite flowers. Finally, he is taken away by the Snow Queen.

A fairy tale, a summary of which is furtherdevoted to finding Kai and a happy ending, contains five more long stories. In each of them on the way to Gerda there are amazing characters, but not always good. So, dear old woman, in whose blooming garden she fell, is not so good: she bewitched Gerda so that she forgot about everything and stayed with her. Raven and Crow, the Prince and Princess are compassionate and help her. A little robber keeps her captive with little animals, but her heart softens when she learns the story of Gerda and Kai. She releases the deer to go, so that he takes her to the North, to Lapland, where the Snow Queen resides. On the way they are helped by two other old women - Lapland and Finnish. And now their way lies directly to the palace, where the boy Kai lives with an icy heart. The summary of the "Snow Queen" brings the reader to a climax - to the history of the seventh.

In the halls of the Snow Queen

snow queen fairy tale
This palace is perfection itself.Here everything sparkles with whiteness, purity and regular lines. But it's quiet here and dead. Kai plays ice figures and admires their cold beauty. He is alone in the huge hall when Gerda comes in. Alas, Kai does not want to see her, even repels. But her tears are poured onto his chest and melt the heart. He feels pain and fever in his chest. Tears are pouring from his eyes ... and the sharp splinter of the magic mirror with a ringing falls on the icy floor. Now they are not afraid of the Snow Queen, because they are stronger than her.

"The Snow Queen" by and large is a fairy talefor adults. It's about real feelings: love, betrayal, loyalty, duty. And because of her motives, new masterpieces of cinema and animation are being removed.

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