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Summary of Svirsky "Ryzhik" will save time on reading

The story "Ryzhik" belongs to the pen of the writer AlexeiSvirsky. The volume of the product is large, so it will take a long time to read it. To save precious minutes and hours, you can see the product in less than 10 minutes. To do this, just read the summary. Svirsky "Ryzhik" will be described in our article.

Summary of Svirsky


The narrative begins with the fact that in the villageA hungry woman Aksinya finds an infant. He was lying right on the ground, next to his seriously ill mother. Aksinya called her husband Taras, and then his closest neighbors. But by this time the beggar woman had died, and the child was left an orphan. Childless Aksinya decided to take the baby herself. City Prokhor Mushroom persuaded her husband not to resist this. So the Nazarene family suddenly found a son.

Because of a lack of money, they could not immediately baptize a child and almost a month called him simply Ryzhik. Then the kid was called Alexander, but the nickname remained with him.

Sanka is 6 years old

Further narrative takes the reader for 6 yearsforward, this gives us a summary. Svirsky "Red" will also talk about this period. Sanka was six years old. By this time, the Wives had two daughters, Vera and Katya. Ryzhik grew up mischievous. No matter where it happened, everyone was sure that Sanka had a direct relationship to this. But Ryzhik had a good heart. He went out the dog, calling her Moipes. Sanka was kind to the orphaned girl Dunya, protected her from a drunken uncle and asked Mom to take the girl into the house.

So, read the following short summary. Svirsky "Ryzhik" tells the reader about the adventures of the boy.


A. Svirsky

Once, when Alexander was already 10 years old,he learns that Aksinya and Taras are not his family. In addition, they decided to give the child for training the godfather. All this pushed Ryzhik to escape. He met a magician nicknamed Polfunt and decided to go with him to Odessa. But on the way Ryzhik lagged behind the train and was left alone. Seeing the tears of the child, the blind old man offered to be his guide. The boy agreed.

The grandfather brought the child to the beggars, who begged and lived at the monastery. But the old man, like many beggars, was not at all wretched - he saw perfectly.

Here Sanka gets acquainted with Spirka Vjunom, his peer, which is what the brief content is about. Svirsky "Red" will tell the reader about this.

The boys became friends and decided to escape from the poor.Their plan was a success, but the children were in a gang of thieves. They began to teach them their craft. Once Sanka was seized for his tricks, but he broke away and fled. Ryzhik again met Polphunt, and he drove him home. But the young traveler was bored in one place, and he again ran away from home.

A. Svirsky, "Ryzhik": a brief summary and culmination

A. Svirsky

Sanka visited many cities, includingPetersburg and Moscow. Everywhere he found friends with whom it was more interesting to travel. While in the capital, the teenager saw a circus performance. But it ended in tragedy - the platform, under which Polpunt was located, collapsed. The magician was taken to the hospital, but soon he died. Sanka was very worried.

Here is a work that makes you feel sympathetic, created A. Svirsky. Ryzhik arouses the reader's sympathy, but he went the wrong way, beginning to wander.

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