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Analysis of Krylov's fables "Oboz": a work that is relevant in the modern world

How many times we were surprised by the rhymed storiesIvan Andreevich Krylov! At school age, many of us simply admired his ability to draw an analogy of animals with humans, and on the example of his fables easily learned vital truths. This author without a twinge of conscience can be called a connoisseur of the souls of men, because he is able to tell people about their most vicious deeds, which gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves from outside and draw certain conclusions. The analysis of Krylov's fable "Oboz" on the example of such an animal as a horse, will show us some bad human qualities. What is it for? Perhaps in order to prioritize and assess some life situations.

"Wagons" of Krylov - a summary

This fascinating story is based on the plot,where several people carry large clay pots on carts with the help of horses. In front of the whole train was an experienced old horse, who knew what to do in difficult situations, and behind him the young horse was walking confidently.

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Analysis of Krylov's fable "Oboz" is best conductedon the main part of the work, which begins with the conversation of a young horse in front of a steep slope. She begins to condemn the experienced horse for slowing too slowly, and assuring the rest of the traveler that she will descend much faster, but at the moment when it comes her turn to overcome a difficult stretch of the road, the horse can not cope with the task and pouring a cart behind him, during which all pots are transported by the owners.

Analysis of Krylov's fable "Oboz"

The famous fabulist did not even suspect that,which ideally conveyed in the stated plot the current situation on the roads. Fable "Waggons" Krylov in an original way shows the behavior of some participants of the movement, who are always unhappy with the manner of riding other people. In the monologue of a young horse, the typical phrases of a modern motorist slip through, and it is worth noting that during the time of Ivan Andreyevich's time, coach carriages were present ... Carrying out the analysis of Krylov's fable "Oboz", the impression is that the author ridiculed impatient lackeys, who ruled the cavalry. Is there a similar situation on the roads of our country in the 18th century? How to know.

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The moral of the work

Fables of Ivan Krylov are beautiful in that everyonea person sees in them his own morals. Nevertheless, the author himself traditionally leads at the end of each poem a couple of quatrains, in which a certain concluding thesis is concentrated, concentrated in itself the main meaning of the fable.


"Train" on the example of a self-confident horse showsto us of people who, not having understood in any subject or having too little experience in the actions performed, undertake to criticize those who, in their opinion, act wrongly. Many of you have probably met with such a type of people, the communication with which often comes down to the fact that you do not want to meet them on your life's course. Krylov surprisingly able to beat human vices, which after reading his fables become even more noticeable.

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