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"Fox and Grapes" - Ivan Krylov's fable and its analysis

People differ from animals in that they are capable ofthink and analyze, but sometimes even to the witty person is difficult to convey the abhorrence of the actions he does. How does it happen that some representatives of human civilization become vicious in nature? Much, and sometimes everything, on which the thinking of a person is based, depends on education, for it is in the family that we are taught the basic moral principles that can help or harm in later life.

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Krylov IA - expert in the souls of human beings

In his fables Ivan Andreevich Krylov awesomeThe image reveals the essence of vicious people, comparing them with animals. In the opinion of literary critics, such a method is inhumane to all people, because each of us has vices. But despite this, the ironic rhymed stories of Ivan Krylov continue to enjoy success and enter the mandatory course of studying literature by junior schoolchildren for several decades. "Fox and grapes" - a fable, most accurately conveys the nature of cunning and weak people. Let's analyze this work to see this.

Fable "Fox and Grapes": a short summary

fox and grapes fable

The story begins with the fact that the hungry foxI noticed the vineyards. She was ready to eat them, but the bunches hung very high. The fox climbed onto the fence and tried to grab at least one bunch of grapes for an hour, but it did not work. In the end, the cheat went down and said that there was no use for this plant at all: just nibbled, because there is not a single mature berry!

The content of the fable is so uncomplicated thatat first it seems to the reader simple and uninteresting. But, like the rest of Krylov's poems, "Fox and Grapes" is a fable, the whole meaning of which is concentrated in the last four lines. Therefore, when analyzing it, special attention must be paid to the final proposal.

The moral of the fable "Fox and Grapes"

Despite its uncomplicated content,the presented work has a deep semantic meaning. "Fox and grapes" is a fable, which without any irony reveals the essence of a cunning but at the same time worthless personality. On the example of an animal such as a fox, Krylov shows that unable to do something independently, a man will always find a way to get out, cover up his scammy act with some excuse or find a lot of shortcomings in the achievement of what he lacks in boldness, nor strength.

fable fox and grapes
"Fox and Grapes" is a fable of Krylov, capable ofto drive into the paint of many people who are distinguished by cunning and inability to do something more valuable. A successful analogy with the most dodgy inhabitant of the forest - the fox - perfectly fitted into the author's plot, because this animal likes to visit human lands with the purpose of stealing small animals for food. Also, some people, like a fox, are able to use only what others have created, and if this thing is too expensive for them or they do not know how to handle it, they can only leave unflattering comments in their justification.

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