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Exchange of copywriting "Advego": reviews, review, description, options for earning, withdrawal of money, features of antiplagiarism

Many Internet users have developedthe opinion that there is no earnings in the worldwide network, and all stories about getting money are fiction. These people do not even suspect that they are wrong. On the Internet you can find different jobs. One of the options is to register on the "Advego" exchange. This resource is created for those people who know how to write texts and are ready to do it to order. Let's take a look at this site and feedback about "Advego".

What they say about the exchange

Let's begin consideration of an Internet resource from responses.All comments left on the work on the "Advego" exchange can be characterized by a simple saying - "how many people, so many opinions". Some users say that it is quite possible to earn money here and not only for pocket expenses. If desired, striving and perseverance, some people go to a decent level of income.

In negative reviews about "Advego" in the firstturn indicate the presence of a huge number of cheap orders. They spend a lot of time on their implementation, and earnings do not please at all. Dear orders need to "catch" on the site. Negative opinions about the exchange are still left by those people who find themselves in the bath due to customer complaints. As you know, the administration on the site is strict. According to users, the Exchange management solves disputes in favor of customers. This is not always correct. Among customers come across unscrupulous people who steal articles, and then complain about the poor quality of the text, insist on blocking the authors.

Review of the copywriting exchange

Benefits of work

Considering opinions about the copywriting exchange"Advego", it is worth paying attention to the advantages of the work. One of the main advantages is the independent schedule planning. Each copywriter himself determines how much to get up in the morning, how many characters to write, for what period of time to perform the selected task. There are such performers who work only 4-5 hours a day and earn about a month as much as they did on their previous work in the office or even more.

When working on the stock exchange, "Advego" does not need to go anywhere. Everything is done through the Internet. This variant of work is especially interesting for young mothers who are in a decree.

  • First, thanks to this work, you do not have to leave the baby.
  • Secondly, writing articles for order or for sale a little replenishes the family budget.
  • Thirdly, working in a decree allows you to diversify your life.

To write articles on the "Advgo" exchange, as well as on other similar resources, you do not need a diploma of a philologist or journalist. But nevertheless for successful work some qualities and qualities are required. Necessary:

  • have a desire to work;
  • know the Russian language, the rules for the qualitative writing of articles;
  • responsibly treat remote work;
  • to be assiduous man.

General information about the exchange

The site with the name "Advego" appeared in 2008year. Since its opening, it has provided users registered as executors with work, and webmasters with ready-made texts. To date, the exchange exists for about 10 years. It has become a major portal where you can order unique content - various texts.

How to make money on "Advego" and on whom nowcalculated exchange? Today it continues to represent a platform for executors and customers. Any person who has registered on the exchange can become an executor. Each user independently selects orders. Performers on the stock exchange are encouraged to write for money:

  • articles for information portals;
  • news;
  • commercial texts for online stores;
  • instructions, workshops;
  • comments for forums, social networks.

For webmasters work on the exchange as much as possiblecomfortable. They are only required to place orders, specify certain dates. Free automatic verification of texts received from performers. Another plus is that Advego deals with all technical issues on payments independently. From webmasters are required only to replenish the balance of your personal account.

Advego: work at home

Types of works for performers

On the exchange in question, as on any othera similar online resource, the performers are offered three types of work, namely rewriting, copywriting and translation. How to work on "Advego" by choosing rewriting? It is very simple. It is required to rewrite existing texts in your own words. It is important to remember that for this type of work each customer sets his own requirements. Someone suggests using one specific text as a source, and someone asks to write an article based on several existing texts.

The concept of copywriting is also not cleardefinitions. For some artists and customers, this term means writing advertising and commercial texts, and for others, writing information texts on a unique structure after analyzing various articles, information from books and magazines. Often found on the stock exchange type of work related to copywriting - this is SEO-copywriting. This term denotes orders, in accordance with which it is required to write articles for given keywords, that is, with the use of certain phrases in the text. "Keys", as a rule, customers provide.

This type of work as a translation does not requireany explanation. A performer who knows a foreign language can translate texts from a native language into a foreign language, and vice versa. However, reviews of work on "Advego" indicate that there are no people on the stock exchange who would deal with only one transfer. Such orders are rare, often customers for this type of work set a low price that does not correspond to the level of effort expended.

For those who decide to register

To start making money on the stock exchange,required to go through the registration procedure on "Advego". It is very simple. The user needs to specify their email address, pseudonym, accept user agreement. After registration, access to your personal account is provided. In it, you can immediately begin to search for orders.

Лица, впервые зашедшие в личный кабинет, увидят Find Job and Sell Article buttons. After clicking on the first of them, a transition is made to the section where customers place their orders. The performer, having chosen a specific task, writes the text on the specified topic with observance of all additionally established parameters (taking into account nausea, water content, number of letters, uniqueness, etc.).

Кнопка «Продать статью» предназначена для go to the store ready texts. Each performer decides for himself whether to work with this service or not. Those people who fill the store articles, write on topics that they like best. Previously, it was impossible to post texts for sale in this section immediately after registration. Now there is no such restriction, but certain rules have been established:

  1. After registering on the "Advego" in the store you canpost only one article. Within three days, it can be checked by the exchange moderators. With good quality, the article is published, and the user has the opportunity to post new texts in unlimited quantities.
  2. The store does not publish articles with errors. Exchange management recommends attentively checking texts before sending it for review.
  3. Acceptable text uniqueness - at least 90%.

An important feature of the store is thatthat the articles placed in it are not redeemed by the exchange. The user specifies the desired price and waits for the buyer. The rate of sale of articles may be different. Sometimes ready-made texts are bought almost immediately after publication, and sometimes they “hang” in the store for several months.

Registration at the stock exchange

About uniqueness

We have already mentioned such a term asuniqueness. His definition should be known to all people who want to work on the stock exchange "Advego". This is one of the main parameters set by customers. So, checking the text for uniqueness implies a determination of the percentage that reflects the quality of the material. The resulting value indicates how much text is copied from other sources.

Copying while writing articles to engagecan not. Consider an example. The customer gives the task of rewriting and provides a specific article as a source. You don't need to copy anything from it. All sentences, paragraphs must be rewritten in their own words. As a rule, customers demand the uniqueness of the text from 95%. However, not all articles, this figure is achievable. In cooking, jurisprudence to achieve such a value is difficult, and sometimes impossible at all, so understanding customers reduce the required percentage.

Uniqueness Checkers

To determine the percentage of uniqueness of the textdeveloped certain programs and services. Each copywriting exchange has its own verification tool. "Advego" created almost the same name a computer program - "Advego Plagiatus". It is very simple to use it - the necessary text is inserted into the window and a button is pressed that determines the scan mode.

Low internet speed usersIt’s inconvenient to use Advego Plagiatus. If the connection is unstable, the program shows incorrect values. For this reason, the developers created an online text verification service on the Exchange website. It operates on the basis of special algorithms that reliably verify uniqueness.

But users do not particularly like the reliabilityonline service algorithms and computer programs. According to them, “Advego Plagiatus” is too strict (if we compare it with similar tools of other exchanges). When using it is difficult to achieve high results when checking the uniqueness of the text. Especially often they face this problem when working with legal, medical articles. They contain a huge number of terms that are impossible to uniquely identify.

Program verification of uniqueness from

Other services on the exchange

The site offers artists and customersadditional tools to assess the quality of the text. One of them is a spell checker. On the "Advego" it does not contain unnecessary functions. In the section there is only a window for text (no more than 100 thousand characters in volume) and the “Check” button. During the test, the following are identified:

  • typos;
  • spelling mistakes;
  • morphological and grammatical errors;
  • missing spaces between words.

Another important tool for the job isservice for analyzing text on "Advego" by SEO-parameters. With it, performers and customers check the number of characters, nausea, water content, density of keywords and phrases. The service allows you to analyze the semantic core of the page. The validation result field displays all relevant and key words. By them it is easy to determine for which queries the written article will be shown in the search.

Services verification texts on

Money issues

Certain rules apply to withdrawal.earned money from the exchange. The minimum amount is set. Reviews of "Advego" indicate that it is 500 rubles. You can withdraw your money in several ways:

  1. On the ruble or dollar wallet Webmoney. The exchange does not deduct any interest for the transfer from the amount, but the payment system sets a commission. It is 0.8%.
  2. On Qiwi. The commission is 2%.
  3. On a bank card issued by any Russian bank. The commission is equal to 3%, but at least 50 rubles.
  4. To a bank card in another country. Commission - 4%, but at least 300 rubles.

Additional commission is deducted from the amount inIf the order on the stock exchange is not in rubles. It is also important to note that you can withdraw money from Visa or MasterCard credit cards from the site. "MIR" cards are not accepted by the exchange.

Considering how to withdraw money from"Advego", it is worth paying attention to one existing rule. It is set for the first withdrawal of funds from the account of the personal account of the exchange. Money is transferred to the selected wallet or card only 16 days after the application has been submitted. This period is set for the safety of customers and the exchange. The fact is that among the novice performers there are people who do not know the rules of the Russian language very well, they write with mistakes. Their works are of poor quality. The deadline set at 16 days allows customers to contact customer support when receiving bad content and get their money back. There are also performers, fraudsters who deliberately write substandard articles in order to obtain easy money. So the exchange manages to avoid various unpleasant situations, incidents with fraud.

Withdrawing money from

Account lock

Before starting work at home on "Advego"It is recommended that you read all the rules so that you do not later turn out to be their violator. Ignoring or ignoring any requirements or conditions often leads to account blocking. One of the main rules - you can not register a lot of accounts. When identifying multiple accounts, the administration reserves the right to block the user. In addition, each case is considered individually. If fraud is detected, poor work is performed, the probability of blocking is 100%.

Locking options can still be viewed atexample of work in the store of articles. Assume that the user exposes substandard texts, they are returned to him for revision. If he does not correct errors in one article for 3 improvements, the ability to add texts will be blocked for 3 days. With further low-quality edits, this period will increase, but access to orders will remain. This is an incomplete account lockout. Perpetual blocking of the user in the articles shop and in the section with orders is performed in several cases:

  • when put up for sale rewriting under the guise of copywriting;
  • in case of dishonest unique texts (replacing Russian letters in words with English);
  • when offered for sale scanned texts.
Lock account on

So, reviews of "Advego" show thatnot a fraudulent resource. This is an honest remote work service that really makes money. There are several such sites. Among honest resources there are such exchanges as eTXT, TextSale. If you wish, you can register at all. The principle of operation on exchanges is the same - you need to either write texts to the store, or carry out articles to order. The main difference of exchanges is the interface. To some, it will seem at Advego to be simple and convenient, while others will like the design of some other resource.

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