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Edgar Poe, "Frog": a short story

One of the most famous American writersThe nineteenth century is Edgar Poe. "Froggy" (the summary of the work is the subject of this review) is a story that in a somewhat fairy-tale form tells of a rather dramatic story that happened in one kingdom. This little story reminds something of V. Hugo's famous play about the buffoon who suffered from the authorities. This story is best known for Verdi's opera Rigoletto, in which the main character cruelly avenges his offenders.


The brightest representative of the Americanromanticism and the creator of the modern detective is the writer Edgar Poe. "Froggy" (the short content of the author's essay should begin with the description of the main character) is one of the most significant works in the author's work, despite its small size. In the beginning, the writer narrates about the kingdom in which he lived a fool-jester, nicknamed the Frog. The ruler of this fictional state was very fond of jokes and fun, and therefore all his surroundings constantly practiced wit to please his master. Even ministers and statesmen did not escape this sad fate: to be jesters at court. Here, again, there is a clear reference to Hugo's play, where the King's entourage also encouraged his entertainments in every possible way.

edgar on a frog

The beginning of conflict

A real master of action-packed storiesEdgar Poe is considered. "Froggy" (the brief content of the story should be continued with the description of the outset) is a small narrative devoted to the theme of the "little man" popular in the 19th century. The impetus to the enmity between the dwarf and the court was a very unpleasant episode at the palace feast, in which the jester and his friend Tripletta took part. Wanting to have some fun for the glory, the king ordered the dwarf to drink wine, knowing that he does not tolerate alcohol. Seeing this humiliation of a friend, the girl tried to intercede for him, but the king threw her wine right in the face, which aroused the fierce anger of the buffoon.

the main characters are the frog Edgar


On a very simple, but extremely dynamiccomposing his works Edgar Poe. "Froggy" (the summary of the book should include a detailed retelling of the incident on the holiday) is a work that is devoted to the idea of ​​a small man's rebellion against injustice. After recovering slightly after wine, the jester conceived a terrible joke: he invited all present to dress up as orang-utans and continue the fun. Choosing the right moment, he hung them on chains and set them on fire, after which he disappeared along with Tripetta. So, the main characters are representatives of the social lower classes in this story. "Froggy" (Edgar Poe, the author of the work, focused on their protest) is a book that is recommended for reading to students at school in foreign literature lessons.

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