/ / A brief summary of Krylov's fable "The Crow and the Fox", as well as the fables "Swan, Cancer and Pike"

The summary of Krylov's fable "The Crow and the Fox", as well as the fables "Swan, Cancer and Pike"

With the creativity of Ivan Andreevich Krylov, manyfamiliar from early childhood. Then the parents read to the kids about the cunning fox and the unlucky crow. The brief content of Krylov's fable "The Crow and the Fox" will help already grown up people to be again in childhood, to remember the school years when they asked to learn this piece at a reading lesson.

The brief content of Krylov's fable "The Crow and the Fox" - plotting plot

Summary of Krylov's fables

If you ask an adult now, whybegins this work, then many will answer that first the writer introduces a crow, but it is not so. Ivan Andreevich in the first terms in a poetic form tells that everyone knows - flattery is mean. However, people who, because of their own selfish goals, praise others, still have enough. Someone is trying in this way to arrange for themselves bosses or, like a fox, to solicit some kind of blessings.

After lines about flattery, the mainnarrative. The crow rested comfortably on the tree, looking very happy. How else? She sent a rather impressive piece of cheese to her. The bird sits on a spruce in anticipation of an amazing breakfast.


At that time a fox ran by.She felt a cheese fragrance, could not pass by. She also very much wanted to eat deliciously. Here is the brief content of Krylov's fable about a feathered and cunning predator brought the reader to the plot of an interesting plot.

Krylov's short stories

The fox cautiously approached the tree, became inseparablylook at the bird and its prey. The crow held the cheese firmly in its beak. The red cheat quickly figured out how to take the coveted piece to herself. She began to speak in a gentle voice, lulling the vigilance of the cheese rival. The fox calls the crow "blue", praises her nose, feathers. Predator confidently makes the assumption that the bird probably knows how to sing beautifully.

Crow by this time completely lostvigilance, just melted away from the praise of the fox. Feathered, she opened her mouth, and then croaked in all her throat. As expected, the cheese from her beak fell. The red cheat was on guard, so caught the prey and fled. Krylov's fables, in particular "Crow and Faces" teach readers not to believe in flattering words, to know that a person wants something from them if they praise for the missing virtues. Ivan Andreevich wrote a lot of instructive works in verse form. Several volumes with his creations have been published.

"Swan, cancer and pike"

Krylov's fables

Many people from childhood are familiar and the trio, consisting ofswan, cancer and pike. The brief content of Krylov's fable, like the work itself, helps to understand that the case will only be argued if friends are on the "one wave". The narrative begins with the author's words about what happens when comrades do business, and they do not have any agreement at the same time. Then he proves his apt conclusion by the behavior of three animals. They were entrusted to take the cart, but everyone dragged him to his side. As a result, the cargo remained in place and is still there.

That's how you can tell about Krylov's two fables briefly. The fabulist has many interesting works, it's never too late to read them.

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