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The image of Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin" Pushkin AS

Sometimes readers think that Alexander Sergeevichincorrectly called his novel, so bright and memorable character is Tatiana Larina. Although the main hero is Eugene Onegin, but they sympathize more with the heroine, as she impresses with her purity, modesty, honesty and openness. The image of Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin" is the ideal of a woman in the author's view. Pushkin admires his heroine and admires it. Larin in the novel appears twice: in the genitive estate and at the St. Petersburg Ball.

Modest teenage girl

The image of Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin" immediatelystands out for its romanticism and simplicity. When the younger sister Olga frolicked and ran with her friends, the eldest was sitting by the window or reading novels. Tatiana's vulgar name made her closer to the people, the young lady liked to listen to the stories of nannies, believed in superstitions, and wondered with the courtyard girls, she read the meaning of her dreams in a dream book. She was engrossed in stories about love, secretly dreaming about her chosen one.

image of Tatyana in the novel Eugene Onegin
It so happened that the embodiment of all romanticheroes was Eugene Onegin. The image of Tatiana has changed a little after meeting with a man. The girl initially fell in love with Eugene, certain features she herself thought out and only then fell in love with him for real. The author says that Larina has long dreamed of someone, and in Onegin she just saw a book hero, because he had secular manners, was a traveler.

Broken dreams

To show the honesty and decency of a woman,Pushkin wrote a novel "Eugene Onegin." The image of Tatiana undergoes changes when her dreams of a joint future with her beloved fall apart in an instant. Larina could not express her thoughts, so she rewrote a love letter from a French novel and sent it to Onegin.

novel of Eugene Onegin image of Tatyana
As well as it is necessary to the adult man, Evgeniereacted to the feelings of a teenage girl negatively, perceiving her love as a nuisance. But still he tried not to offend her, saying that he was not ready for marriage. Whatever it was, but Larina felt abandoned and hurt.

The transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan

The image of Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin"cardinally changes, and on one of the balls the main character meets a charming secular lady. Now it's not a wild village girl, but a luxurious mistress of the capital's events, talking on equal terms with socialite lionesses. Onegin is fascinated by Tatiana, after all these years he falls in love for the first time, but this woman belongs to another man.

evgeny onegin image of Tatyana
Larina's answer to Eugene looks like a bitter reproach.A woman reproaches him for having pushed her away, because then she was a simple village girl. Now, when Tatyana became a socialite, Onegin drew attention to her, but she was not meant for such heroes-ladies. The woman still loves Eugene, but does not dare commit a sin and betray her husband. The image of Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin" is the embodiment of purity, modesty, beauty, femininity and honesty.

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