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The moral, which bears the fable "The Crow and the Fox" Krylova IA

Fable is a narrative of small size,written more often in a satirical style and bearing a certain semantic load. In the modern world, when vices are often praised, and virtues, on the contrary, are not in honor, this kind of creativity acquires special urgency and is the most valuable. Ivan Andreevich Krylov is one of the outstanding authors working in this genre.

fable of the crow and fox Krylov

Fable "The Crow and the Fox"

Krylova always favorably distinguished from othersfabulists that he can literally in the same 20-50 lines reveal a really dramatic story. The heroes of his works are presented to the reader alive, their characters are remembered for a long time.

The fable of "The Crow and the Fox" Krylov was the first timepublished in the literary magazine "Dramatic Herald" in 1908. However, the plot, taken for its basis, is known from ancient times. Stupid crow and flattering fox now and then appear in literature from different peoples. In all similar works, one and the same morality can be traced, showing all the meanness of flattery and the narrow mind of the person who values ​​it. The fable of "The Crow and the Fox" Krylov favorably differs in that it is not the flatterer himself who is blamed, but the one who believes his words. That's why the Crow is deprived of everything, while the Fox has earned her "piece of cheese."

Fables of Aesop and Lessing

analysis of the crow's fable and fox
As mentioned above, an instructive story aboutblack-winged bird and red-tailed cheat can not be called a new one. Before Krylov it was used by many authors, but the most famous of them are the two - Aesop and Lessing.

Aesop, who lived in the VI-V century BC,that his fable "The Crow and the Fox" is applicable to the "unreasonable man". Even his fox, unlike Krylov, does not immediately run away, but first scoffs at a bird that has lost food. Another insignificant difference between the two products is the culinary habits of crows. The words of the fable "Crow and Fox" Krylov: "A crook somewhere god sent a piece of cheese." At Aesop, the Crow did not send the Crow, but the bird herself stole a piece of meat from someone.

Lessing, who is a contemporary of Krylov, wentA little further than Aesop and poisoned the meat stolen by the bird. Thus, he wanted to punish the fox, who eventually dies a terrible death, for her sycophancy and flattery.

National identity IA Krylov

Many researchers of Krylov's creativity, having spentthe analysis of the fable "The Crow and the Fox," note how successfully he managed to reflect the characters typical of the era described. This feature, despite all their fairy-tale character, is characteristic of other of his works. For this reason, Ivan Andreevich is called the father of Russian realism.

words fable crow and fox

A simple and very clear fable is already a lotgenerations does not lose its relevance. This is due to the fact that Krylov took as the basis of his work the main vices and weaknesses of man, and they remained the same as those of his contemporaries.

Live Russian language, which is written all the fablesIvan Andreevich, is deprived of excessive refinement. It is understandable to everyone without exception. In order for the reader to better learn the lesson, concluded in the fable, at the end of the work the author always leads her morality. One of the few exceptions is the fable "The Crow and the Fox." Krylov in it is more interested in the process of how the Crow, under the influence of flattery, begins to feel its importance and superiority.


A rich inheritance, which left IvanAndreevich Krylov, will always remain the national treasure of spiritual Russia. His fables are rightfully included in the gold literary fund of our country and are studied in the school curriculum. While there are such works, there is also a hope that people will be able to get rid of vices and rise above the material component of life.

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