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IA Krylov, "Quartet": a fable with a deep meaning

Wings Quartet Fable

It is customary to call fables a rhymed legend,which necessarily carries a moral. Not only the Slavic countries, but also the rest of the world, are familiar with the rhymed stories of Ivan Andreevich Krylov, the Russian fabulist whose main writing activity falls on the first half of the 18th century. His creative path did not begin with fables. First, Ivan Krylov wrote satirical plays and novels, but they did not succeed so much, which the author achieved due to the publication of fables. The writer surprisingly combined political life and a great sense of humor, as he was not only a writer, but also an state councilor. The people who lived at that time remembered him as a lover of public places and peasant conversations, who liked to listen to Krylov ... The Quartet is a fable that will acquaint us with his work right now.

IA Krylov "Quartet" - the text of the work in prose

The rhymed stories of Ivan Andreevich not for nothingare introduced into the school curriculum, as their deep meaning helps children to orient their life priorities. A clear example is the fable of Krylov "Quartet", pictures to the story of which live in the memories of many people from early childhood. This story began in the forest where the Monkey, Bear, Goat and Donkey decided to play a quartet on musical instruments.

fable of the wing quartet
Yes, only none of them knew how to handlewith them, but the Monkey was happy to give everyone advice on how to sit or stand, so that the music played perfectly, and they got a real concert. For a long time the animals tried to follow the advice of their leader, but then the branch of the next tree sat the Nightingale. The monkey asked him to teach the animals the correct landing, so that the quartet finally turned out, but Solovey replied that musicians do not become without special skills, so animals have no chance of success.

IA Krylov "Quartet" - a fable with interesting morality

What I wanted to say with my work IAKrylov? "Quartet" is a fable, which leads to a lot of thoughts. In addition, it has a satirical motivation, since the animals participating in it, very much remind us of people of different types ... Let's try to analyze the fable.

wing quartet text

First of all, the poems of Ivan Andreevichreveal the meaning of the behavior of some people. So, with the example of four animals, the author shows us the ignorance of some representatives of the human race. What did Krylov want to prove to us in this way? "Quartet" is a fable, which indicates that without education each of us is like a curious Monkey or an awkward Bear.

Uneasy interpretation of the work "Quartet"

In addition to deep moral meaning,The presented work also has an unusual interpretation of the content, where the Monkey is the central hero. Why did Krylov like to mention this animal in his fables? Many researchers came to the conclusion that the fables of the famous author are imbued with contempt for the uneducated population of Rus XVII-XVIII centuries, but the documentary facts do not confirm these conjectures and characterize Krylov as a man who respects peasant labor.

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