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Park "Dream Gardens" in Krasnoyarsk: description and reviews

On June 28, 2014, the Gardens of Dreams was opened inKrasnoyarsk. This became an excellent gift to the city, where there are so many squares, avenues and park areas. Now parents have a place to go to Krasnoyarsk with their children. And the children have an expanse: they can ride a variety of attractions, see beautiful animals, just walk along the path behind the handle with your mom or dad.

park dreams gardens in Krasnoyarsk

Who is the designer

"Dream gardens" was designed by the Abakan landscapedesigner Denis Safronov. Earlier, he also created two similar parks on the territory of the capital of the Republic of Khakassia, one of which is poetically called "Inspiration". It is worth noting that both new attractions work year-round and are never empty.

Description of the park

If you still think about where to go to Krasnoyarsk withchildren, be sure to visit the "Dream Gardens". Its organizers managed to place on the small territory alpine hills, fountains, all kinds of attractions, a Japanese garden, pancakes and two catering. In addition, there are numerous gazebos, swings, a shooting range, a Buddha statue and a pond with real carp. There are even pens with rabbits, geese and goats. Bunnies and birds can even be fed. To do this, the feed is sold for 40-50 rubles.

In addition to real animals in the landscape park"Dream gardens" are also all kinds of sculptures: Krasnoyarsk and Thai geese, female figures (though, for some reason, bare). And small houses, equipped with a barbecue area. However, here even the trees and plants look so beautiful and wonderful that they can be admired daily.

where to go to Krasnoyarsk with children

About the park "Dream Gardens" in Krasnoyarsk, reviews say,that for children there are many different entertainments: free bicycles, toy horses, cars, trampolines, swings, special playgrounds. Adults are sure to like a huge lake, in which larvae of koi splash in the thickets of water lilies.

You can look at the fish from a wooden pergola,located on the shore. Only they are frightened by the children who throw coins and pebbles into the water, so they tend to hide somewhere. Try not to offend carp and other animals, teach your children to take care of the surrounding nature.

Why come here

Park "Dream Gardens" in Krasnoyarsk is not suitableonly for rest mums with children. It is worth to come here to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, to celebrate family holidays, to realize creative ideas, hiding in a secluded place, to be photographed against the background of the surrounding beauty, to hold a business meeting. For all this there are separate places, there is wi-fi.

landscape park dream gardens

Advantages and disadvantages

Park "Dream Gardens" in Krasnoyarsk is considered the bestin the city. Here everything is very beautiful and cultured: a large number of flowers, including pots, clean paths, ponds, brooks, carved benches. The local flower beds are somewhat like Thai. Everything here is well-groomed and nice to the eye. But this does not calculate all the advantages of the new attractions of the park, they can also be counted as:

  • availability of both paid and free children's attractions;
  • the possibility of holding fiestas in a hammock for quiet music;
  • feed animals (except goats, they, apparently, have weak stomachs);
  • arrange a chic photo session against the backdrop of a photozone and a beautiful landscape;
  • the presence of cozy cafes, where you can always have a snack;
  • all kinds of promotions and discounts for paid services for regular customers, groups of 10 people, pensioners and disabled people.

In addition, in the park "Dream Gardens" inKrasnoyarsk has a free library, where you can read books on landscape design and gardening, as well as the market of garden plants. And everything would be fine, but without a "fly in the ointment", too, was not done. So, according to Krasnoyarsk, they do not like:

  • a small assortment of local cafes;
  • a small playground for ordinary walks;
  • sufficiently high price for tickets;
  • lack of shady places (planted trees have not yet grown).

Also, some residents say that the organizersShould have solved the problem with parking. So far, there is nowhere to put cars very much. But all these shortcomings are still lost against the backdrop of the pluses given in the description of the park "Dream Gardens" in Krasnoyarsk. Therefore, at least once a month here it is necessary to come.

park dream gardens in Krasnoyarsk Description

Where is

The park is located at: ul.Dobrovolskaya brigade, 14. To get there, you need to get to the supermarket "Commander", and turn left. It is difficult to get lost. Yes, and any people who meet are sure to tell tourists where it is. As they say in the well-known proverb: "Language will bring to Kiev".

As for visiting time, come to the "Gardens"dreams "is on any given day from 9 to 21 hours. In the evening, of course, it's already dark, especially in winter, but you can look at the interesting illuminations creating a particularly mysterious and romantic atmosphere in the park, breathe fresh air, stay with your beloved man away from everyone, enjoying delicious dishes and the surrounding beauty.

park dreams gardens in Krasnoyarsk reviews

Prices for visiting

Free entrance to the "Dream Gardens" is provided foronly for children who are under 3 years old. For older children, as well as retirees, it will cost 100 rubles. For everyone else - 220 rubles. The time of stay is not limited to anyone, the main thing is not to lose the ticket so that you do not have to pay a new one for a visit.

In case you are hungry, you can alwaysvisit the pancake, here the most expensive pancake - 200 rubles., Cheap - 60 rubles. For drinks will have to pay about 90 rubles. You can eat both inside the cafe and outside. Visitors often choose the second option: warm, fresh, beautiful and good, what else is needed? Guests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory must definitely visit the park. A special atmosphere of coziness and hospitality, created by the park's employees, will be remembered for a long time.

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