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US Consulates in Russia: cities, activities

The USA is the largest economy in the world, besidesthis is one of the most attractive countries for emigration. Therefore, thousands of Russians come here every year. Most go to see the country, someone - study, others - to work, and still others - to see relatives. There are many reasons for visiting this country.

US Consulates in Russia

To facilitate the servicing of Russians who wishTo obtain a visa, the US consulate in Russia was established. There were quite a lot of cities, but since the end of August 2017, because of political disagreements between America and Russia, the consulates have ceased to serve the Russians. Now they work only with the Americans who are on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, Russians can still get a visa in the US, but for this you need to contact the embassy directly.

From this article you will learn about the cities of Russia in which there are US consulates, and get a lot of useful information.

Activities of consulates

Initially, they were created to ease the burden on the embassy. In connection with some political discussions between the countries, the consulates have switched to the regime of servicing only their citizens.

Russians need to get visas nowOnly apply to the embassy, ​​because of what the speed of service has slowed down significantly. Approximately in the same mode of operation crossed the Russian consulates in America.

Consulates of Russia in the United States in which cities

In addition to slowing down in issuing visas for Russians,increased and cost. This is not difficult to explain, because in 2017 almost 700 American consuls were expelled from the Russian Federation, which is almost half of all consular employees. Because of the shortage of workers, they had to take these measures.

US Consulates in Russia: cities

To date, there are several large consulates, visa centers and the US Embassy in Russia.

The main diplomatic representation, of course, is the US Embassy in Moscow. It regulates the work of all other diplomatic missions, and also performs a large number of other functions.

Also, there is the US Consulate General inSt. Petersburg. Still large American consulates are located in Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg. Now, Russians wishing to visit America, it is not necessary to find out in which cities of Russia are the US consulates, because for the visa still have to go to the embassy. Perhaps, after regulating the relationship between the Russian Federation and the US, the consulates will open their doors again for Russian citizens.

Consulates of Russia in the USA. In what cities?

Russian offices in America are also located in different cities. As a rule, they are in those places where Russian-speaking immigrants are the most.

Разумеется, посольство, как лицо всей России, is located in Washington. There is also a large consular department. In addition to the US capital, Russia's general consulates in the US are in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Houston.

in which cities of Russia are the US consulates

In these cities there is a large number ofRussian speakers, as well as many Russians come here to study, work and as tourists. Russian representations now also serve the Americans not in full force, like the US consulates in Russia. In cities where they are available, it is not always possible to obtain a visa to the Russian Federation for citizens of America. However, there is not a shortage of labor there, because Americans are less interested in visiting Russia, and the number of employees in the consulates practically has not changed.


Russian-American relations are nottoo easy. There are many controversial issues, disagreements and unresolved issues. However, both countries are interested in peaceful coexistence.

in which cities of Russia are the US consulates

Annually, a huge number of Russians attendedUSA, today the number of visits to America has sharply decreased, due to the termination of Russian servicing by US consulates in Russia. From the cities of Russia now, to get a visa to America, you have to go to Moscow, which is extremely inconvenient and expensive for residents of remote areas, so many people prefer to choose another country for vacation than the US.

People who want to visit America, but do not havethe opportunity to go for a visa to Moscow, it remains only to wait that soon problems will be resolved and US consulates in Russia in cities will return to the standard mode of operation, but when this happens it is difficult to say.

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