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Abandoned temple in Yaropolets: a landmark worthy of attention

Many beautiful historical monumentsArchitecture today is a ruin. Among them is an abandoned church in Yaropolets, Moscow Region. Once it was a large shrine that amazed the imagination of its parishioners with its rich decoration and exquisite architecture. Today the temple looks at the surrounding open spaces with broken windows, and its doors are boarded up. But, despite the emergency condition, this landmark deserves attention.

Spiritual center of Yaropolets: former greatness

Abandoned temple in Jaroslavce
At the end of the eighteenth century in the village of Yaropolets(the modern Volokolamsky district of the Moscow Region) was the estate of Count Chernyshev. In 1780, according to the order of the owner of the land, the construction of the church was started opposite the front entrance gates to the manor house. The development of the project was led personally by Count Chernov. In 1797 the construction was completed, the temple was consecrated in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. This church is interesting from the architectural point of view. The temple has two symmetrical baroque domes, which is untypical for our country. In terms of the temple is rectangular, to its ends are attached two apses - one of them is an altar, and the second - a burial vault. The facade and interior interiors are richly decorated with columns and stucco moldings. The abandoned temple in Yaropolets was originally conceived as a church-burial vault, here the eternal marshal Z. G. Chernyshev found eternal rest.

The Uneasy Destiny of the Shrine

Abandoned temple in jaropolz how to get
The temple was rebuilt several times, in 1839-1871.a bell tower was built. For an unknown reason, Chernyshev's estate after the revolution of 1917 was not turned into a museum. The house of the Lord and neighboring buildings were gradually plundered, and so did the church. The abandoned temple in Yaropolets suffered considerably during the Great Patriotic War. A shell hit the building, but it survived. After the war the temple was returned to the faithful and remained active until 1966. In the 1970s, the church was reconstructed. After repairing the roof and replacing several columns, the work ceased. To date, the temple is in desolation and continues to deteriorate.

Abandoned temple in Yaropolets: how to get there and can you get on a tour?

Brilliant plaque on the facade of the ancient templerecalls that the object is protected by the state. Unfortunately, this inscription does not give any historical protection to the historical shrine. Organized excursions to the sights do not drive. But if you want to look at an unusual church, everyone can.

Let's say your goal is an abandoned temple inYaropolets. How to get to this landmark? The private car can be reached in less than an hour and a half. Take the 63 km of the Moscow Ring Road to Novorizhskoe Highway. Continue along the M-9 highway to Volokolamsk. Then follow the signs for Yaropolets. It is more convenient to drive through the center of Volokolamsk and go along Lenin Street, then drive through Kashino and at the fork after it turn to Yaropolets. By public transport can be reached by bus, the next route Moscow - Yaropolets from the metro station "Tushinskaya".

The future of the ancient temple

Abandoned temple in Jaroslavets how to get
The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is recognizedhistorical sight of the Moscow region and is protected at the federal level. Although in fact there is no protection: anyone can enter the dilapidated church today. Every year the building is increasingly destroyed. Despite the fact that the temple is boarded up and fenced, no signs of the beginning of reconstruction work have been observed. It remains only to hope that the abandoned temple in Yaropolets will be seen by the government or some private investor. And the restoration will begin before this unique object disappears from the face of the earth.

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