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Best pharmacies of Vitebsk

When a person constantly travels, heyou need a lot of information about a new place of stay: where to buy food, where to stay for the night, where to go when trauma. One of the most important tasks is the purchase of medicines and other medical materials in case of cuts, scratches or burns.

A new city is always an unexplored territory,so immediately understand not only the location of the desired institution, but also in its quality, will not work. In this article, pharmacies of Vitebsk will be considered as one of the possible intermediate points of the tourist. We will tell you about the range, advantages, prices and give addresses of some pharmacy items.

medicines in pharmacies of Vitebsk


Белорусская компания, которая является одним из leaders in the sale of medical products from leading companies. There is on the market for more than 20 years. If you count all its departments in Belarus, then more than 60 will be released.

Several small points have been discovered in Vitebsk.Here there is a list of essential medicines, a large selection of dietary supplements, children's products, cosmetics and personal care products. It is popular due to regular promotions and discounts.

Pharmacy address: Vitebsk, The Soviet Army, 6.

"PKF Iasi"

A good inexpensive pharmacy (Vitebsk), whose departments are located near the city center. Convenient location makes the place visited, and prices reinforce this factor.

As in any other pharmacy, there is a list here.all essential medicines and other medical products for children and adults. The company motivates its customers with a discount card (up to 5%). Discount on purchases increases with regular visits to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy address: Vitebsk, st. General Beloborodov, 1/2.

pharmacies Vitebsk


A company that is still under construction.development. Her authority in the city is not very strong, but she has her own passability. Little popularity is obtained due to prices that are slightly higher than in most other establishments. But the difference is smoothed by the range (here you can find drugs and medical devices that are not in popular pharmacies in the city of Vitebsk), but such a marketing move does not always help.

Here is introduced a complex system of obtainingdiscount cards. For its registration, you will need to collect checks for 300,000 rubles and present them to the pharmacist, or make a one-time purchase in the amount of 200,000 rubles. Then comes the discount: upon reaching the value of all purchases of 3.5 million rubles - 3.5%, and over 5 million rubles - 5%.

Another very important plus is the ability to search for drugs. Drugstores in Vitebsk rarely offer such a service, which takes Energofarm to one of the leading places.

Addresses of the pharmacy: st. Petrus Brovka, 19; Moscow Avenue, 47.

UE "Pharmacy"

A large pharmacy chain that can be found inall cities of Belarus. Usually, the departments are quite large, and the range contains a large variety of drugs, dietary supplements, medical equipment and other specialized products.

pharmacies in Vitebsk drug search

Democratic prices for all groups of drugshelp develop organizations. Usually, upon purchase, the client receives at once the entire list of necessary medicines. Quality service, friendly pharmacists, always tell you what to choose.

Addresses: st. Astronauts, 8; st. Chkalov, 11; st. Gogol, 6.

In addition to these points there are many others. You can find them on almost every corner, because the network is very common. Pharmacy provides discount cards to regular visitors.


Обычная небольшая аптечная сеть, однако у нее there is an advantage over other larger organizations - it is around the clock. All the necessary drugs are on the shelves, so in a critical situation at any time you can contact here and be sure that they will help. There is an opportunity to pay both in cash and by card.

Pharmacy address: st. General Beloborodov, 3.

Some points of this network are located almost in the very center of Vitebsk.


Large modern pharmacy network with largechoice of drugs and other medical products. In total, several pharmacies have been opened in Vitebsk, the search for drugs here is also possible. The main innovation that distinguishes this point from the rest is the possibility of booking drugs through the website Gippokrat.by. You just need to go in, find the product you are interested in and put it in the basket for future purchase. With this method, a 5% discount applies to all groups of drugs.

pharmacies in Vitebsk search

The company is interesting not only for buyers,but also for employees. In order to improve their skills and interest in the case, seminars are held for pharmacists where new useful information about medicines and companies is told.

Address: Moscow Avenue, 42.

"Favorite pharmacy"

Departments of this pharmacy network usepopular, due to which, and distributed throughout the country. In total, there are more than 60 points in cities. The company offers a wide range of medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics and other goods.

There are always many buyers here.One of the reasons is discounts. There are certain categories of citizens (people with disabilities, families with small children up to 3 years old, etc.) who pay less upon presentation of a certificate confirming their status. The action is held until 15:00 on weekdays.

Pharmacy address: st. Lenin, 26 A.


A small developing network that consists ofcurrently from 9 departments. Pharmacies can be found in Vitebsk, Mogilev and Minsk. Popular with the fact that there is a large range of herbal. Drugs, medical equipment and other products are also available here.

Pharmacy address: st. Communist, 23

"Planet Health"

This pharmacy network is the first privatecompany throughout the country. Modern marketing system constantly attracts new customers due to discounts on medicines and beauty products, and also you can find gift cards here, which can be attributed to absolute innovations.

pharmacy g Vitebsk

In addition to the classic drugs (asdomestic and foreign) here is a large selection of perfumes and cosmetics, including well-known brands. Convenient departments and for young mothers: here you can buy products for babies, as well as baby food of various brands.

Address: st. Chkalov, 11, building 1

If necessary, there are Vitebsk pharmaciesthe opportunity to purchase a variety of goods, both medicinal and ordinary household. Prices are reasonable, and the range is very rich. Departments are spread throughout the city, so finding them is not difficult.

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