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Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 * (Tunis, Djerba Island): hotel description, services, reviews

Since rest in Tunisia is popular among our compatriots along with Turkey, in our article we want to talk about one of the hotels of the island of Djerba.

A bit about the hotel ...

Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 * is located ina tourist region on the island of Djerba (south-east of Tunisia). In eight kilometers from the hotel the town of Midun is located. The complex has a convenient location, it is easy to get to the airport of Djerba Zarzis.

palm beach palace sensimar 5

The hotel is built surrounded by beautiful beaches andpalms. Tourists who have a rest in it can visit the center of the town of Houmt Souk, which can be reached in ten minutes by bus or taxi. The convenient location of the complex allows tourists not only to devote time to the beach and the sea, but also to see local sights.

The hotel consists of a main building and many bungalows. Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 * is included in the chain of hotels Palm Beach Hotels Tunisia.

Number of rooms

Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 * is a chicfive-star hotel with a large selection of apartments. In total complexity, it has 540 numbers, which have the following equipment: telephone, climate control, safe, clock, radio, CD player, Ipod station. In addition, the apartments have ironing facilities, a desk, a minibar, beds with pastel accessories, and a TV with satellite channels. If necessary, guests can request an extra bed. The bathrooms in the complex are designed by individual designers. They have all the necessary toiletries, hairdryer, towels and bathrobes.

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The Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 * offers apartments of the following categories:

  1. Standard rooms are located in the main building. The apartment area is 33 square meters. Each room can accommodate two guests. In total, there are 140 such rooms in the complex.
  2. Superiors rooms are located in the main building. The apartment area is 33 square meters. They are designed to accommodate two guests.
  3. Swim up rooms in the main building. The rooms are equipped with a terrace and are able to accommodate two tourists. The apartment area is 33 square meters. The hotel has 28 rooms of this category.
  4. Bungalows. The complex has 24 rooms for two people. The area of ​​each is 33 square meters.
  5. Suites. This is a more spacious apartment with an area of ​​76 square meters. They have a bedroom, bathroom, living room.
  6. In addition, the arsenal of the complex three rooms for people with special needs.
  7. Twenty non-smoking apartments.

At the hotel any guest will be able to find a room for himself bytaste. The apartments have approximately the same equipment and chic interiors. Comfortable conditions and beautiful rooms are the key to a good holiday in the Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 *. The price for tours in the hotel depends on the category of your chosen room. So, for example, the Standard cost without a flight starts from 14,000 rubles. The pricing policy of a five-star hotel belongs to the category of budgetary rest with excellent rooms and excellent food. Djerba is generally considered a good and economical option for recreation.


The hotel Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 * (Tunis,Djerba) meals can be carried out in two ways: a buffet or an order on the menu. Which type suits you best, decide on your own. The complex has a banquet hall, four bars, a pizzeria and four restaurants. All restaurants serve local and international cuisine.

sensimar palm beach palace 5 tunisia

The hotel restaurant prepares a variety of meat dishes,fish, seafood. No less diverse and side dishes, sauces, salads and snacks. Particularly striking is the sweet table. All sorts of desserts are cooked in abundance, there are four kinds of ice cream. Hungry to stay at the hotel is simply impossible.

Infrastructure of the complex

Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 * (Tunis, Djerba)There is a business center with several conference rooms. On the territory there are two swimming pools, parking, dry cleaning, hairdresser, laundry. The hotel can arrange a transfer and rent a car. The complex accepts guests with animals, but only on condition of prior arrangement. There is a shop with tourist goods and a souvenir shop on site. In the daytime, animators offer to attend aqua aerobics sessions, and in the evenings they arrange music programs. The hotel has a Russian-speaking staff.

Sports & Activities

Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 * (Tunisia) offers its guests a fitness center, spa, indoor heated pool or outdoor pond, Jacuzzi, sauna, solarium, thalassotherapy sessions.

Beach and sea

Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 * (Djerba) has its own equipped beach a hundred meters from the hotel. On the coast there are umbrellas, sun loungers and a bar. The hotel's beach is sandy with a smooth approach to the sea.

A bit about the resort ...

Djerba is the southernmost resort of Tunisia.A distinctive feature of this place is the fact that the weather on the island is always a couple of degrees warmer than on the mainland. Djerba is known for vacationers not only sandy white beaches, but also on modern good hotels and thalassotherapy centers.

Resting in the hotel, bathing procedures can alternate with sightseeing tours and self-visit to local attractions: Medina, Fort Bordzh El Ekbir, pottery workshops.

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Most Djerba hotels are concentrated alongnorthern and western coasts. A small resort area is also on the southeast of the island, in the town of Medun. You can get to Djerba by ferry (only ten) or use air services.

Local Attractions & Activities

In Gellal you can visit the Museum of Folk Traditions,who will talk about the life of indigenous dzherbintsev. The local history museum on the edge of the city is famous for its stunning collection of traditional clothing, ceramics, jewelry, wood carvings.

From the island you can go on an excursion to the Sahara, to see the Berberian settlements-honeycombs.

On the local Medina you can see a lot of thingsinteresting. Near it are three mosques: Jama'a-Ettruk, Ash-Sheikh, Djemaa el-Gorba. On the island is the oldest Jewish village, in which there is a 2600-year-old synagogue of Grib.

On Djerba there is a lot of greenery, in her shadow spendAfternoon hours pink flamingos. There are incredibly many of them here and they are absolutely not afraid of people. On the island there are many underground springs, due to them it is rich in vegetation: palm trees, fig trees, olive, fruit trees. Flocks of marabu live on the sea coast. Djerba is famous not only for its beautiful sandy beaches, but also for its incredibly warm climate and clean water. The warm sea, washing the island with palm and olive groves, is not subject to fluctuations in temperature, so here you can sunbathe and swim all year.

Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 *: reviews

Conducting a conversation about the hotel, I want to discuss feedbacktourists who have visited such a beautiful place. According to the holidaymakers, the complex is worthy of all praise. It is very conveniently located. If you use a shuttle, the road to the hotel takes only half an hour. In the hotel after the road tourists always expect a warm and friendly reception staff. Receptionists work very quickly and populate literally within five minutes.

sensimar palm beach palace 5 reviews

The hotel starts to surprise from the first minutes.The number of rooms is one of the main points of interest for vacationers. What are the numbers in Palm Beach Palace Sensimar 5 *? Deluxe apartments impress with their beauty, luxury and size. The rooms are very spacious, which creates an atmosphere of lightness and freedom. They are equipped with large beds with canopies, plasma TVs, there are tables with a kettle and necessary accessories. In all apartments the toilet and bathroom are separated. And in the spacious hallway there is a sofa with a floor lamp. The rooms have large equipped balconies with armchairs, a table, a clothes dryer. In the refrigerator there is cola, fanta, drinking water and mineral water. Stocks are replenished daily.

sensimar palm beach palace 5 Tours

Rooms are cleaned daily, towels are changed every day. Claims for cleanliness do not.

The hotel is very good food.Every day, the restaurant serves a large variety of dishes: soups, mashed potatoes, broths, meat, fish, fruit, ice cream, pastries. According to the "all inclusive" system, guests are offered local champagne, wine, beer. All drinks are of quite acceptable quality. For a surcharge, you can order imported alcohol. Once a week (on Thursdays), a "director's dinner" is arranged, on which it is necessary to be present in certain clothes. The event is very solemn. A special chef deserves a local chef who pleases tourists with delicacies, here you can taste buds in sauce, tongues beef, shrimp, mussels, tuna on the grill and much more.

The hotel has its own spacious beach withnormal sunbeds and mushrooms from reeds. On the shore there is a shower, a sink for the feet, a bar and a toilet. The sea is very warm and clean, although sometimes after storms it can bring a lot of algae, but it's nature, there's nothing to be done about it.

The complex has beautiful swimming pools, especiallya nice relax pool with hydro-massage waterfalls. It is located near the shore and is equipped with a good bar. There are not many people in the pools, there is enough space for everyone.

palm beach palace sensimar 5 deluxe

The hotel has animators.In the mornings you can work out with them aerobics or aqua aerobics, then play darts, volleyball or football. In the evenings, guests are invited to an entertaining show (jugglers, belly dancing, etc.).

The tourist zone is guarded by roadblocks onwhich are the police and the military. Beaches are also patrolled, they are not allowed to visit local people, even merchants can not approach tourists. If you are interested in their products, then go yourself to them. At the entrance to the hotel, all machines and bags must be checked. Even employees check daily. In addition, there are cameras on the territory.

The hotel is located in some distance from civilization, but here it is always quiet and peaceful. If you want, you can visit the nearest attractions, go to Medun and make a purchase.

Instead of an afterword

Summing up the conversation and based on feedbacktourists can be recommended to holidaymakers Sensimar Palm Beach Palace 5 *. Tours on Djerba are quite popular, because here for quite acceptable money you can have a good rest in decent conditions. Therefore, people planning a holiday in Tunisia, can consider this hotel as an option for a vacation. Excellent food and a beautiful complex will make your holiday unforgettable.

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