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List of dream book: white snake

To see a snake in a dream is extremely unpleasant.Rarely does a man like such strange reptiles. Different dream books interpret visions with a snake in different ways. Here everything depends on the specific life circumstances and the picture that was dreamed.

The Meaning of Vision

If you take as a basis any dream book, a white snake indream is considered an unusual creature. To meet her in living nature (in life) is almost impossible. Therefore, the circumstances of sleep should be considered from this point of view. It turns out that something very unexpected and unpredictable should happen.

dream book white snake

To say exactly, in a good way events will turn or in bad, it is possible only after consideration of all circumstances of a dream.

Interpretations of Medea and Freud

According to Medea's dream book, a white snake is considered a symbolspirituality. It symbolizes the energy of man or the world around him. As the dream book says, a white snake in a dream suggests that it's time to adjust your own energy. Perhaps, too much negative has accumulated around, and it is worth thinking about changing your attitude to the world around you.

dream book a white snake bites

And what other interpretations does this dream book have?Did the white snake bite in a dream? What can such a vision mean? A dream testifies that an unexpected betrayal will occur. The blow will follow from the person from whom it was impossible to expect it.

Interpretation according to Freud portends slander and rumors, because of which there will be trouble.

Although some dream interpretations treat these same circumstances as bearing profit and wealth. According to the Islamic dream book, a white snake bites or attacks unexpected wealth.

Games with a snake

It is worth thinking about those life circumstances,which are at the moment. Perhaps, look narrowly at the nearest environment and remember what's been done recently. This will help correctly interpret the dream book. The white snake influences the spiritual world to a greater extent than to the material world.

For example, the playing snake, which rings the rings, symbolizes dissatisfaction in sexual life. Perhaps, it is necessary to be liberated or to change the partner.

dream dream book white snake

If in a dream children play with a white snake, it is worthto think how little attention is paid to them. It means how close the relationship is built with their own children, and not how much money is spent on their entertainment.

Big snake in the night vision

As the dream book interprets, a large white snake canmean the size of the problem. The larger this creature, the closer and more unexpected, which will have to face reality. It is possible that the problem is already ripe and requires immediate intervention. Look around and think about the circumstances of life is urgent. Scientists say that it is in a dream that our subconscious mind correctly assesses the situations that have developed in life, and gives clues.

dream dream book white snake attacks

Do not blindly trust all predictions andinterpretations. Sometimes a completely opposite opinion is given by the dream book. The white snake attacks in a dream? This means that something unexpected will happen in your life. But pleasant or not too, no one can say for sure. Much depends on the behavior in a dream and in life. To repel an attack of a snake means, in life, to cope with difficulties. But another dream interpreter treats this dream as the fact that a person fights off luck, which itself goes into his hands.

Dreaming and interpretation

Let's look at different options for dreams:

  1. The white snake pursues the man.Perhaps his wife's betrayal awaits him. But, as the Russian dream book says, a white snake biting a guy can mean an unexpected date that will change his life. For a woman, these same nocturnal visions can mean the emergence of a strong rival.
  2. To see in the house one or more snakes means,that people who will have to meet in the house, behave ugly. Perhaps, we should not refuse to receive relatives and friends in our home, but we must prepare morally for possible troubles. Family secrets to dig further away, and not spread on public display.
  3. Clutches of snake eggs can mean unexpectedconsequences of committed acts. Bad or good, they will, depends on the actions that you have committed in the recent past. Probably, it will be good to think about your attitude to close people or colleagues. Probably, someone is offended undeservedly, and apologies will help to change circumstances and prevent trouble.
  4. Obedient affectionate white snake meansunexpected profit. Even such an unpleasant being can mean a good development of events. A failed deal, with some effort, can turn into an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.
  5. About wealth from a biting snake warns andChinese dream book. There are contradictions in the interpretation of the same behavior. It is possible that this depends on the mentality of the person. Eastern customs are too different from European.
  6. A swimming reptile can mean success incases after the black obstacle course. Hence, it is worth a little to suffer or take a step in the other direction to change the circumstances for the better.
  7. To hold a snake in your hands is the correct strategy of behavior towards enemies and enemies. It is necessary to develop the chosen direction.
  8. If a snake has thrown off a skin in a dream, it is worthstop and look at the circumstances of life from the outside. Maybe it's time to think about the cardinal changes in life? Perhaps, the troubles that arise on the way, suggest that the life path is chosen incorrectly. Changing their attitude to the world around them will help to change reality. Sometimes small changes lead to big changes in life.
  9. You had to kill a snake in your sleep, remove the skin andsomething to cook from this creation? Dreamers treat this as a health problem for personal or close people. Perhaps it's time to see a doctor and conduct a survey? Or complaints of a loved one to health require attention.

dreamy big white snake


Now you know what the white snake dreams about.The unconscious subconscious analyzes and gives clues in a dream when a person is free from the influence of the surrounding world. No dream book will tell you how to do this or that. To listen to your intuition and evaluate the entire chain of circumstances is only the person himself capable of. Sleep can lead to a decision or pay attention to the problem.

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