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What can I expect if I saw a snake in my dream?

On earth there is a huge amountvarieties of snakes. Some of them are not dangerous for a person, others can cause serious injury or even death. And what if this reptile dreamed to us at night? What to expect from such a dream? We suggest to learn how to interpret this vision of some popular modern dream books.

I saw a snake in a dream

Gustav Miller's dream interpretation: if in a dream he saw a snake

This source generally considers dreams, inwhich these reptiles appear as a warning of some evil threatening you. If a representative of the weaker sex dreamed that she was bitten by a dead snake, then in real life it is waiting for the betrayal of a hypocritical person. Kill a creeping creep in a dream - to be ready to do anything to achieve your own goal. If you dreamed that you are wrapped around your rings and strangled by a huge snake, then in reality you risk completely to be in the power of your enemies. Also, such a dream can serve as a warning of a possible serious illness. Stinging other people reptiles warn you about the need to carefully monitor their words and deeds, since you risk greatly offend your friend.

to dream a black snake

Medieval dream book: to see a snake in a dream - to what?

If you dreamed that it was attacked by youreptile, then you are waiting for serious charges. In general, snakes are considered this dream book as a sign of honor and respect, and their killing - as an early victory over the enemies.

Psychological dream book: what to expect if in a dream I saw a snake

This source considers this animal asa very common symbol of sexuality. Therefore, if you dreamed of a snake, then you are at risk of making a sin associated with the intimate aspect of your life.

East dream book: in a dream I saw a snake - what for?

In the opinion of the compilers of this collectioninterpretation of dreams, the serpent personifies enemies and enemies. If these reptiles attack you, then soon you risk seriously suffer as a result of the machinations of your ill-wishers. If you killed a snake, you will be able to get out of confrontation with your enemies victorious.

dream dream

If I saw a snake in a dream: A dream-man from A to Z

Dreaming snakes warn the dreamer aboutthe appearance of the enemy among his female environment. To be stung by a viper is to suffer through the fault of a person whom you have long considered to be your true friend. Falling from the tree snakes promise the need to struggle for their love and the opportunity to be close to their loved one. Killing snakes - to your ability to sacrifice everything to achieve your goal. If you walk through a forest that teems with hissing and wriggling creeping reptiles, then because of previous unsightly acts you risk living in a constant fear of exposure. To see in a dream a black snake of enormous size - to the probability of encountering in the near future with a terrible manifestation of evil. If you dream that you snake without a snake, then in real life you can keep your spirit firm and cool even in the most extreme situations.

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