/ How to pickle birch trees? Basic methods and rules of preparation

How to pickle birch trees? Basic methods and rules of preparation

Not every landlady can boast that he knows how to pick up podberezoviki. Nevertheless, this is not a difficult matter. You just need to know the basic ways and be able to use them correctly.

Different variants

People always try to make blanks.It is inherent in them by nature itself. However, when it comes to mushrooms, not everyone has the courage. Many of them are afraid of consequences because of their ignorance. Indeed, an unfamiliar or spoiled fungus can cause irreparable harm to human health. Therefore, among the rich choice in the forest, it is better to take only familiar specimens. One of the most popular and safest mushrooms has always been considered the boletus. Especially since it can be harvested in many different ways. In the villages, every woman knows how to pick podberezoviki. This variant of blanks has always been popular in Russia. After minimal treatment, the mushrooms retain their unique taste and natural smell. There are several ways how to pickle bunnies:

1) Dry.

2) Hot.

3) Cold.

Each of them has its own special advantages and disadvantages.

how to pick podberezoviki

To choose one of the three options, you must havea complete picture of each of them. This will help not only to learn how to pickle buntings, but also to take at the right time the only correct decision.

Hot Salting

For pickling all kinds of mushrooms are suitable.Everything depends on the desire of the hostess and the taste preferences of her household. If this is the case for the first time, then it is better to first ask people with experience. Each of them will most likely say that the "hot" way is the simplest way of picking up bunnies for the winter.

how to pick podberezoviki for the winter

Mushrooms are fragrant, mouth-watering and delicious. To work, you need a minimum of products:

1 kilogram of podberezovikov, bay leaf, black pepper-peas, dill (inflorescence), 50 grams of salt, and as spices you can take leaves of cherry or currant.

Everything should be done in order:

  1. Separate the legs from the hats.
  2. Carefully use a knife to clean them, and then check for insects.
  3. The legs are generally better to be salted separately, since they can slightly be bitter even after cooking.
  4. Rinse products well, put them in a clean pan and let them stand for a while.
  5. Prepare the pickle. To do this, the salt must be dissolved in warm water. The resulting solution to pour the mushrooms so that it covers them completely.
  6. Put the pan on the fire and cook for 20 minutes on a small fire after boiling.
  7. Once the mass begins to settle, the container can be removed from the fire.
  8. The mass is discarded in a colander and leave it to drain for 2 hours (brine not pour out).
  9. After that, place the mushrooms neatly in sterilized jars, lightly sprinkling with salt, and add all the spices according to the recipe.
  10. Brine the boil repeatedly and pour the products.
  11. Banks roll up and store in a cool place.

If you choose how to pick podberezoviki for the winter, then this method can be considered the easiest.

Slowly but surely

If you do not want to bother with the stove, then you needto know how to pickle bunnies cold way. Usually, thus, plate mushrooms are harvested. But with poderezozikovami you can do the same procedure.

how to pickle cold pads

In this case, the same initial components are used, only the salts need to be taken a little less (3 grams per kilogram of the main product). For such an option it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  1. Raw materials, clean and rinse thoroughly under running water. Plateous mushrooms are soaked, but with poderezozikovami everything is different.
  2. Prepare a container for pickling. It can be a pan, a tank, as well as another container enameled or made of glass, clay or stainless steel. The bottom should be densely covered with spices.
  3. Top gently lay out the mushrooms, pouring them with salt, rows of 5-7 centimeters in height.
  4. The entire construction is also covered with spices.
  5. Cover the food with a plate and set it to oppression. It can be any heavy object.
  6. As the brine is separated, after a couple of days, constantly add fresh portions of fresh mushrooms

After 1-2 weeks, it is fashionable to serve fragrant products to the table, seasoning them with fresh onions and vegetable oil.

Simplified version

It should be noted that dry salting is usedOnly for plate-like fungi such as russula or red mushrooms. For tubular specimens, this option is not suitable. In this case, the fungi must first be cut, cut, and then put the pieces on a wooden surface so that they can slightly sweat in the open sun. Then the pieces must be mixed with salt in a ratio of 5: 1, densely packed in dry clean jars and rolled. But with poderezozikovami so you can not do. In the sun they are completely dehydrated and become unsuitable for further salting. What else can you do with them? How to pickle podberezoviki at home? Some use the accelerated method at their own peril and risk.

how to pick podberezoviki at home

For this you need:

  1. Mushrooms to process, wash, fill with clean water and leave for a day soaked. Water every 2-3 hours is better to change so that the product does not get sour.
  2. After that, they need to be filtered and wrung out.
  3. Then mushrooms again pour cold water, but with salt, put on fire and cook for half an hour.
  4. Drain the water, and put the mushrooms in a salad bowl, add onions, butter and spices. It's better if in such a composition they stay a couple of days in the refrigerator.
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