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How to quickly pick up mackerel: three convenient ways

Almost all are fond of salted mackerel.It serves as an excellent snack, very good with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, tasty on a sandwich. But only quickly and tasty salted mackerel is not every landlady knows. How to cook fish is much more appetizing and useful than the one that is sold in the store, and do not spend a lot of time on it?

How quickly to pick up mackerel?
How to pick up mackerel quickly?

The first method will take about an hour.Wait, when you can start eating, almost do not have to. Take two fish, half a liter of water, half a glass of salt, three peas of sweet pepper, a bay leaf. Bring the water to a boil, add salt, add bay leaf and pepper. Boil five minutes, then leave the brine to cool. Peel the fish from the entrails, cut off the head and rinse thoroughly. Separate the fillet from the ridge, cut it into portions. Send the fish to the cooled brine and put it in the refrigerator. For the hour that mackerel will be salted, you can cook potatoes for garnish. To overdo the brine does not need fish, the taste will not be the same. Remove the brine, rinse the pieces of fillets, dry and serve to the table.

Quickly and tasty salted mackerel
How quickly to pick up mackerel with spicy salting?

If you want more piquant fish, salinityher in a spicy marinade. The dish will be ready in ten hours. Many methods suggest cooking for several days, so this method is still quite fast. You will need two mackerels, three tablespoons of salt, two onions, fifty milliliters of 9% vinegar, one hundred and fifty grams of vegetable oil, five peas of black pepper, two bay leaves, cloves, red pepper. Before quickly picking mackerel, cut the fish head, tail, gills, remove the insides and rinse it in water. Remove the skin, remove bones and cut the fillets into slices. Onion peel and shred rings. Mix the butter with the vinegar and spices. Put the fillets in a bowl, sprinkle with salt, mix everything and leave for a couple of minutes. Add the onion, pepper and pour the marinade from the butter. Put the fish in a container with a lid, close and shake. Leave for ten hours at room temperature, then for a couple of hours, clean it in the refrigerator. Mackerel is ready to serve.

How quickly to pick up mackerel with spices?

How to pickle mackerel quickly
Another good method of rapid salting of fish.It turns out very fragrant, and you will not have to cook very long. Before quickly picking mackerel, clean and gut the carcasses, cut off the head, tail and fins. Divide the fillets into halves, salt with salt and leave for sixteen hours in a plastic container to allow the fish to salivate. After the specified time, wipe the carcass from the salt, rinse it in cold water and dry with napkins. Sprinkle the fillet with black pepper, chopped garlic, add a few pieces of bay leaf. Put the fish in a tightly closed container, put it in the refrigerator, and after two hours you can serve mackerel to the table. As with the previous options for the dish, this is ideal for potatoes as a side dish.

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