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"Optix Forte": instructions for use, product description, reviews

Eye diseases are characterized by functional andorganic lesions, as well as lesions of the subordinate apparatus of the visual organs, which limit the person's ability to see. To prevent the development of such diseases, doctors recommend the use of special drugs that fill the deficit of certain substances.

optics forte instructions for use

The most popular means for the eyes ismedicament "Optix Forte". The price of this medication will be indicated below. Also, you will learn how to apply this medication, and what properties are inherent in it.

Composition, form, description, packaging

The drug "Optics Forte", reviews about which will beare presented further, is issued in the form of round tablets, covered with a brown film shell. They include ingredients such as copper, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, lutein zinc, zeaxanthin and tocopherol acetate.

On sale this medicine comes in blisters for 60 or 30 tablets in a carton.

Characteristics of the preparation

What is the medicine "Optix Forte"? Instructions for use asserts that this is a multivitamin agent that contains vegetable carotenoids, minerals and vitamins.

This drug has an antioxidant effect. It replenishes the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the human body.

Properties of the medicament

What is noteworthy tablets "Optics Forte"?Instruction for use states that the effect of this drug is due to a complex of ingredients that make up its composition. Let's consider their features in more detail.

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Lutein and zeaxanthin are uniquecarotenoids. They are contained in the yellow spot of the eye. These substances filter out harmful elements of the light spectrum, providing antioxidant protection of the retina.

According to experts, the intake of lutein andzeaxanthin promotes good work of the visual analyzer, including in the night and evening. In addition, these components prevent the progress of visual changes, which are observed in the process of growing up.

Beta-carotene is involved in the construction ofrhodopsin. This is one of the most important visual pigments. The presence of this substance in the preparation under consideration provides a better adaptation of the eyes to conditions of poor illumination.

Together, the vitamins E and C protect the tissuesand cells from lipid peroxidation, and also prevent the formation of free radicals. Compared with blood plasma, the content of vitamin C in the organs of vision is much higher.

Kinetics of the preparation

Which kinetic parameters are characteristic formedicines "Optix Forte"? Tablets contain several active substances, which exert their effect only in the aggregate. Therefore, carrying out kinetic studies is technically impossible.

Optics Eye Vitamins


What is the purpose of patients being prescribed a medicine called Optix Forte? The instruction for use indicates the following indications:

  • replenishment of the supply of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the full operation of the visual organs;
  • providing the body with all the required mineral substances and vitamins in diseases such as retinopathy, cataracts, optic nerve pathology and age-related changes in the retina;
  • prophylaxis of degenerative processes in the retina, observed with increased eye strain (for example, with UV radiation, radiation from computer monitors and television screens);
  • disturbance of night vision;
  • prevention of impaired visual organsin patients with diabetes, over fifty-five years old, in people with a light iris and nicotine addiction, and also in the presence of poor heredity;
  • the recovery period after the operation on the eyes.

Contraindications to taking medication

When should you not use the drug "Optics"?Vitamins for the eyes are not prescribed in childhood, more precisely, up to twelve years. Also, this medicine is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of substances included in its composition.

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Medication "Optix Forte": instructions for use

About what dosage should be takenthe patient should be informed by the attending doctor. If there is no possibility to consult a doctor, it is necessary to follow all recommendations of the instructions strictly. It says that this medicine is intended for adults and children from 12 years of age. It is taken orally 1 tablet a day. Do this during meals or immediately after a meal for three months.

It is highly recommended not to exceed the maximum allowable daily dosage.

In the absence of a stable therapeutic effect, after three months, the course of therapy can be repeated.

Side effects

What side effects can provokea medicine "Optics"? Vitamins for the eyes are able to cause allergic reactions in the form of contact dermatitis, skin itching and urticaria. In this case, the drug should be temporarily discontinued.

Special Recommendations

The drug "Optix Forte", whose price is about 350-400 rubles, manifests itself as effectively as possible by sharing a meal containing vegetable oils.

Do not increase the maximum recommended dose of the medicine.

Do not use Optix tablets after the expiration date.

It is highly discouraged to combine the drug in question with other multivitamin complexes. Otherwise, this can lead to an overdose of vitamins and minerals.

optics forte reviews

Consumer Reviews

Patients taking vitamins for the eyes "OptixForte ", speak about them only on the positive side. According to them, this drug is able to make up for the shortage of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the normal operation of the visual organs.

Of course, this medicine does not cure eye diseases. However, it can prevent their development, as well as reduce the progression of the pathological process.

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