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Probiotic "Lactovit forte": description of the preparation

The drug Lactovit Fort is a probiotic containingThe culture of bacteria that normalizes the work of the digestive tract. It consists of aerobic bacilli and spore-forming lactobacilli, which are able to displace the pathogenic flora from the intestine. They have the ability to secrete lactic acid and other compounds that destroy intestinal pathogens and promote immunity.

lactobite forte
The product "Lactovit forte" also contains vitaminsB9 and B12, which are involved in the formation of amino acids and other substances that favorably affect the circulatory system, the work of the nervous system, the liver.

The form of this medication is capsules and sachets of powder for the preparation of an oral suspension.

The preparation "Lactovit forte": instruction

Most often this drug is used to normalize the flora of the intestine. The main indications for its use are:

lactovit forte
• chronic colitis, including nonspecific ulcerative colitis;

• Dysbacteriosis with antibiotics;

• period after intestinal diseases;

• dysfunction of the digestive system;

• detection of pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic microbes during stools;

• nonspecific inflammatory lesions of the genital organs;

• preparation for delivery of women with a purity of the vagina of 3-4 degrees;

• The drug "Lactovit forte" is also used as an auxiliary for allergic pathologies in children (hives, eczema, diathesis, atopic dermatitis).

Duration and dose of this drugdepend on the age of the patients. Take the drug "Lactovit forte" follows 40 minutes before eating. Single dose for children up to 2 years is half the capsule or sachet, for adults and children over 2 years old - 1 capsule or sachet. The maximum dose per day for children under 2 years is 1 capsule / sachet, for adults and children after the age of two, you can take as many as two capsules / sachets.

 lactobite forte instructions
Depending on the detected pathology, the duration of the drug is from three days to two months.

Contraindication to taking "Lactovit forte" is lactose intolerance or other components.

Side effects and reception characteristics

If you take the recommended dose, an overdose is unlikely. In rare cases, allergic reactions, diarrhea, dyspepsia, peripheral vascular thrombosis can develop.

The drug is not recommended to drink hot drinks. Breasts are given directly before feeding, diluting with milk.

This pharmacological agent can be used during pregnancy and during lactation, as well as antibiotic therapy in usual doses.

At simultaneous reception with oral contraceptives, PASK, pyrimidine, sulfasalazine and phenytoin, the effect of these drugs is reduced.

In general, it can be noted that the preparation"Lactovit forte" reviews are mostly positive, especially when used in young children to eliminate colic and flatulence, as well as treatment of other gastrointestinal disorders.

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