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Food additive for men "Sealex Forte": instructions for use

sealex forte instructions for use
The preparation "Sealex Forte" instructions for userepresents as a complex agent based on plant extracts, designated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. This food supplement also enhances sexual attraction, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect in infectious diseases and substantially increases the production of so-called seminal fluid. Particularly it should be emphasized that the complex preparation "Sealex Forte" (instruction for use confirms this) is intended for long-term use, although its effect becomes noticeable only two days after the beginning of admission.

This biological additive is produced in the formcapsules of blue color. Each dragée contains a licorice root, an extract of long-leaved eurycoma, a ginseng root and an extract from a creeping palm. The latter component, which contains a large number of steroid compounds, exerts a tonic effect on reproductive masculinity, and also effectively removes inflammation affecting the prostate gland, stimulates the functioning of the gonads.

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Extract of long-leaved eurycoma, which alsois included in the complex preparation "Sealex Forte" (instructions for use are in each package) is necessary to maintain the sexual plexus, increases the secretion of testosterone and releases testosterone associated with globulin. In addition, this component is very effective at a marked decrease in potency, triggered by general exhaustion, infectious diseases or fatigue. As a result of taking the extract of eurycoma, libido, sexual endurance and sexual desire increase, a strong and steady erection is provided, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

The root of ginseng, which also containsthe preparation "Sealex Forte", is necessary for increasing the overall tone of the cardiovascular and nervous system. In addition, it contributes to a significant increase in physical performance.

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The licorice root has spasmolytic,antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Also, this component has a direct effect on the adrenal cortex, which affects the reproductive system. All these substances together and determine the beneficial effect of this food supplement.

Take a comprehensive tool "Sealex Forte"the instructions for use strictly do not recommend, in the case of individual intolerance to any of the components that are contained in its composition, as well as hypertension and increased nervous excitability. In addition, do not use this drug for insomnia and heart problems. Atherosclerosis is also a contraindication for taking "Sealex Forte" supplement. Reviews of female doctors indicate that it is inadmissible to prescribe to persons who have not reached the age of eighteen.

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